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Russia. Media: the services confiscate the passports of the richest citizens, representatives of the authorities and business

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In Russia, the security services confiscate the passports of high-ranking government officials and state-owned enterprises. In this way, they want to prevent their escape abroad, writes the Institute of War Studies on Tuesday, pointing to the publication of the Financial Times.

In their analysis, American ISW ​​experts recall the recent publication of the “Financial Times”, which wrote that against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine Russian security services have tightened regulations regarding the travel of representatives of the state sector.

Some high-ranking officials and former government officials were asked to hand over their passports, sources close to the case said.

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This proves the high degree of suspicion of the Kremlin and the Federal Security Service (FSB) towards the Russian elite, we read in “FT”. As the daily points out, some of its representatives privately do not support the war on Ukraine and they are annoyed at how it affects their lifestyle.

The Kremlin confirms the tightening of rules in “sensitive” areas

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russia tightened rules on traveling abroad for some people working in “sensitive” areas.

Russian services confiscate passports from representatives of the elite. They want to prevent escapesPAP/Newscom

One of the sources of “FT” reported that the management of one of the state-owned industrial enterprises is not allowed to leave Moscow for more than a two-hour drive without official permission.

Main photo source: PAP/Newscom

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