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Russia. Media: unhealed Russian soldiers must return to the front

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“Not all the stitches have healed yet, a splinter remains in the chest and they are already throwing it back to the front,” the wife of the wounded Russian soldier told journalists of Radio Svoboda. An independent station collected several similar opinions, writing about how unhealthy Russian military personnel are sent from hospitals to the war in Ukraine.

Mobilized and contract soldiers in Russiathose who were wounded return to the Ukrainian front unhealed and with shrapnel in their bodies. Military medical boards refuse to pay them compensation. Families are trying to seek justice in the courts, but the results of such efforts are poor, independent Russian media, Radio Svoboda and Current Time television reported.

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A shard left in the chest

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The 42-year-old reserve officer Alexander was mobilized in St. Petersburg in October 2022. Prior to that, he served in the military for over 20 years. In December last year he was sent on war in Ukraine. After more than two months, he was wounded by a shrapnel. The man’s condition was so serious that he was transported from the hospital in Rostov-on-Don to Moscow.

The soldier’s wife, Ekaterina, told Radio Svoboda journalists that her husband spent a month and a half in the hospital. – Not all the stitches have healed yet, and one shard in the chest remained there because the doctors thought it would be more dangerous to remove it. And in such a state they throw him back to the front, ”the woman complained.

An officer must return to war because the military medical board has deemed him fit for military service. – I’m in shock. In the hospital, my husband was afraid to do a rehabilitation massage. They feared his condition might worsen. Many things are forbidden, she can’t lift more than five kilograms – said Yekaterina. She wants to go to court, fearing that her husband will simply die in Ukraine during the consideration of the case, Radio Swoboda reported.

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Putin visited wounded soldiers in a military hospital in Moscow. Photo from June 12 kremlin.ru

Delay game

The relatives of the wounded Russian soldiers claim that court cases regarding the postponement of being sent to the front due to health conditions can last for many months. During this time, the military may lose their lives, and cases are dropped.

After a long search, Yekaterina found a soldier who managed to wait for a positive court verdict, although there is no certainty that he will not be sent to war again. Viktor Chuprinienko, after returning from the front, turned to two private clinics with complaints about his deteriorating health. Their doctors confirmed that he was unfit for duty.

Putin honored wounded soldiers at a military hospital in Moscow. Photo from June 12 PAP/EPA

Chuprinienko was also examined at a military hospital in Krasnodar. The medical board there declared him fit for duty. The man filed a lawsuit with the garrison-martial court, which obliged the hospital to re-examine him, as he had previously been inspected by only two board doctors. There was no neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist and traumatologist at the meeting.

“Even if a soldier was lucky enough to have a breach during the examination, as the court found, it’s still not clear how that will end.” What will the full committee decide? But I have to try all the options, so I’m saving for a lawyer and an examination in an independent clinic – said Yekaterina.

Putin listens to the Defense Minister’s report on the situation at the front during a meeting of the Security Council Reuters

An attempt to repeat the “success of Chuprinienko”

According to the head of the independent Russian organization, the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, Valentina Melnikova, an attempt to repeat the “success of Chuprinienko” does not give other soldiers any guarantees, because the possibility of challenging the conclusions of military medical commissions in court is “close to zero”.

– In order to appeal against the decision of the military medical board, it is necessary to obtain a referral for an independent military medical examination. Do they exist at all? Is it really independent? Melnikova rhetorically asked in an interview with independent Russian journalists. – A military man who appears in court in person may have a chance, but there are few such people, because almost all of them return to the front. You also need a good, that is, an expensive lawyer, she added.

The shrapnel did not damage the brain

The mobilized Ramil Zholmukhanbetov had a problem with the doctors who refused to remove the shard. He took it to court.

“I got hit in the head by a shrapnel, which means I had a serious injury. After treatment in a hospital in Volgograd, a military commission found me fit for service. In March (this year – editor’s note) there was a court hearing. I said that while in the hospital, the doctors confirmed that they needed to surgically remove the splinter, but later changed their minds. The judge, after questioning the neurosurgeon and traumatologist, agreed that the operation was not urgent, Zholmukhanbetov said.

The court also found the soldier fit for duty because the shrapnel did not damage the brain.

During the trial, Zholmukhanbetov met many wounded military men who had stopped fighting to have a deferment from service. However, they want to obtain compensation due to the deterioration of their health, which is also not an easy task, Radio Swoboda reported.

Current Time, Radio Swoboda

Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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