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Russia, media: Vladimir Putin wants wounded soldiers to return to the front

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Wounded soldiers must continue their military service, said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with military personnel being treated at the Central Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow. Independent Russian media remind that Russian forces in Ukraine are still suffering heavy losses.

– People like you are undoubtedly needed by the country, the homeland, the armed forces. The future commanders of the Russian army should be recruited from people like you who felt what a military operation is, did not back down, on the contrary, fulfilled their duty to the end – he said Vladimir Putin during a Monday visit to the Central Military Clinical Hospital named after Vishnevsky in Moscow.

The authorities in the Kremlin describe a special military operation as an armed invasion Ukraine.

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Putin surrounded by wounded soldiers PAP/EPA

Putin surrounded by wounded soldiers PAP/EPA

Independent Russian media recalled that Putin last visited the wounded soldiers in Ukraine in May last year. Then his spokesman Dmitry Peskov he argued that the leader “is constantly interested in and monitors the health condition of the wounded soldiers during a special military operation in Ukraine.”

Conscripts from St. Petersburg are sent to the garrisons Reuters

Sent to raids and frequent attacks

Authorities in the Kremlin in September last year announced the so-called partial mobilizationHowever, according to independent media, citing their own sources, Russian forces in Ukraine suffer heavy losses, and those mobilized must undergo training.

The greatest losses are suffered by units recruiting soldiers with minimal military training, including volunteers or convicts, fighting in the ranks of private military formations, e.g. Wagner groups.

Poorly trained recruits are being used on the front lines to storm or conduct frequent attacks with light small arms, the independent portal The Moscow Times quoted British expert Jack Watling.

The Kremlin claims that Putin visited occupied territories in Ukrainian Donbas.  Footage from April 18

The Kremlin claims that Putin visited occupied territories in Ukrainian Donbas. Footage from April 18 Reuters Archive

Russian losses

According to the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces, the casualties of the Russian army exceeded 216,000.

On the anniversary of the armed invasion Russia representatives of the authorities to Ukraine in February this year USA and other Western countries estimated the total losses of Russia at nearly 200,000 soldiers.

According to Artem Katulin from the tactical medicine training center of the Kalashnikov concern, more than half of the Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine may have died due to inadequate medical care.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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