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Russia. Mediazona: after the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians sent almost 60 tons of parcels to the country

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The Russian independent website Mediazona wrote that since the beginning of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, Russian soldiers have sent at least 58 tons of parcels to the country. “They were robbing not only the Ukrainians, but perhaps also their own army,” reported the journalists. The media in Kiev also reported earlier about mass thefts committed by Russians in the occupied territories in Ukraine.

In April, the Belarusian opposition blogger Anton Motolko posted a video from the post office in the city of Mazyr (Gomel region). The video shows soldiers in Russian uniforms sending packages. Belarusian activists then reported that the Russian army sent from Mozyr to various cities in just one day Russia over two tons of goods.

Activists said the items sent by the military were most likely stolen from the homes of Ukrainians in cities under Russian occupation. However, they made a reservation that such information was difficult to verify in wartime conditions.


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After the Mozyr video was released, journalists from the independent Russian portal Mediazona created a map of the places where parcels were most often sent. They also discovered another postal branch besieged by Russian soldiers – in Novozybków (Bryansk Oblast).

“We developed a map of shipments and recorded and analyzed dozens of hours of video recordings from the border crossing in Wałujki (bordering Ukraine Belgorod region) “- journalists Mediazona wrote at the end of May.” We noticed not only an above-average increase in mailings that coincided with the outbreak of the war, but also unusual connections between cities confirming the version of mass looting. And in one case, the Russian military used the SDEK courier company to transport a military drone – which means that perhaps they were robbing not only Ukrainians but also their own army, “they added.

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Recording from the post office in the city of MazyrTwitter / Motolkohelp

The largest of the parcels found by Mediazona’s journalists weighed 381 kilograms and was shipped from the border town of Rylsk (Kursk Oblast) to Yekaterinburg.

According to Mediazona, Russian soldiers sent home various things, among which they managed to distinguish between sneakers, tires, a microphone, a TV, sausages and canned fish, alcohol, a guitar, a tent.

Recording from the post office in the city of MazyrTwitter / Motolkohelp

Leader cities

The cities to which the parcels were most often sent were, among others, Chebarkul in the Chelyabinsk region and Jurga (Kemeriv region). From February to May, 5.6 and 5.8 tons of goods were shipped there. Three military units (among them 64th Motorized Rifle Brigadewhich took part in the capture and capture of such cities in the Kiev region as Bucza, Hostomel and Irpień).

Two armored regiments are stationed in the city of Chebarkul.

At the end of April, the Russian section of the BBC wrote that some of the parcels were sent to the city of Rubcowsk in the Altai Krai, located near the border with Kazakhstan. “Rubcowsk is located on the outskirts of one of the poorest and most indebted regions in Russia. Only the workers of penal colonies, officers of the Federal Security Service and military who sign contracts earn good money in this place,” reported the BBC.

The largest package that went to Rubcowsk weighed 450 kilograms. There were, among others, speakers, a table and a tent.

10 tons of parcels were delivered to Moscow, and six tons to Yekaterinburg.

Shipped drone

At the end of April, a drone was sent from the post office in Wałujki, mentioned by Mediazona, at the border with Ukraine. Most likely Orlan-10, used by the Russian armed forces. Where did this equipment go? It is not known. During this time, soldiers sent parcels to several cities, including Moscow, Ussuryjsk, Murmansk, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.

The Orlan-10 drone is used by the Russian army in combat in Ukraine Russian Defense Ministry / TASS / Forum

Independent journalists reported that the drone was sent by a military man in an officer’s uniform. He entered the room, dragging a heavy box across the floor. The drone has been weighed and measured with tape. At that time, other clients freely entered the building.

At least 15 tons of parcels were sent from Wałuje. The city is located 30 km from the border with Ukraine and 20 km from the self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk.

In April, the Roskomnadzor office blocked the website of blogger Anton Motolko in Russia, who published a recording from the post office in Mozyr.

Mediazona informed that at least two-thirds of the parcels sent by the Russian army from the Belarusian Mozyr did not reach the addressees.

Main photo source: Twitter / Motolkohelp

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