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Russia, Moscow. A cat that had been locked in a car for several days was rescued

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A cat trapped in a car was rescued in the center of the Russian capital on Wednesday. According to local media, he was locked there for several days.

The cat spent several days without food or water in a car parked near the Moscow Kremlin. On Wednesday, a passer-by noticed the animal left alone in the car and called the police, local news outlets reported.

The cat rescue operation aroused great interest among residents. They suggested breaking the car window to free the animal. However, emergency services managed to open the doors without damaging the vehicle. Everything was filmed by television cameras, and the cat was clearly interested in what was happening around him.

The animal was dehydrated and hungry, but otherwise showed no signs of ill health. Appropriate services took care of him during his recovery.

Initially, it was not known who the animal belonged to. It later turned out that the car’s owner had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital a few days ago.

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A cat trapped in a car was rescued in central MoscowReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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