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Russia – NATO. Adam Daniel Rotfeld on whether we live in the pre-war period

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– If the West shows readiness for war, not only in words and assurances, but also in shifting the economy and changing policies, there will be no war – said Professor Adam Daniel Rotfeld, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, on TVN24.

Professor Rotfeld was asked on Sunday in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 whether we are in the pre-war period and whether we are “doomed to conflict”.

– We live in the pre-war period with the assumption that the West will not meet the challenges it faces. But if it meets these challenges, the worst can be prevented. If the West shows readiness for war, and not only readiness in words, in verbal assurances, but also in shifting the economy and changing policy, then there will be no war, he said.

Rotfeld: The US and Russia have closed virtually all communication channels. Except for one thing

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As Rotfeld said, “nuclear weapons fulfilled the role of keeping the world from war precisely because these weapons were unusable.” – Putin's danger is whether he understands this. If he does not understand this, those around him may understand that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, there is no doubt that it is doomed to total destruction, he emphasized.

He pointed out that “virtually all communication channels have been closed between the United States and Russia.” – Except for one, regarding the nuclear threat – he noted.

– Talks are ongoing on this matter so that the third world war, especially nuclear war, does not break out – he added.

Rotfeld: Putin wants to keep power and intimidate the West

Rotfeld also talked about Vladimir Putin's primary goals. – One thing that is certain is that he wants, firstly, to retain power, and secondly, to intimidate the West, he said.

The Russian dictator, he added, “encountered a different reaction than he expected.” – He expected that the West was so weakened and the centrifugal forces were so strong that all he had to do was push and the West would no longer be united – said the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And – as he said – Putin “achieved the effect that, firstly, Ukraine resisted him incomparably greater than he expected.” – And the West has united and decided that this time it is impossible to ignore the experience from the interwar period and Hitler's attempts to build a great Reich – he said.

In his opinion, the Russian leader is “moving from authoritarianism towards fascism.” – The essence is to get to what is his main motive – maintaining power and breaking up the West – emphasized the former minister.

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