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Russia. “Nova Gazeta Yevropa”. The Russians are recruiting kindergarten accounts for the war

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On the popular Russian social network VKontakte, Russians are recruited to participate in the war in Ukraine on the accounts of public institutions, schools and even kindergartens. There are tens of thousands of advertisements, and there are more and more of them, writes the independent “Novaya Gazeta Yevropa”.

Authorities in the Kremlin are still not ready to officially announce a second wave of mobilization, hoping that the defense ministry in Moscow will be able to attract enough men to voluntarily sign contracts with the army. For this purpose, in Russia A large-scale advertising campaign was launched, writes the independent Novaya Gazeta Yevropa.

Its journalists reviewed the ads appearing on the popular Russian social network VKontakte. They counted over 75,000 of them. Most of them have been published since March this year.

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“Slightly more than a thousand people live in Vaskovo, in the Arkhangelsk region. Last year, seven graduates of the only school in the village went to war, two of them are already dead. Now in the 11th grade (pupils aged 17-18 – ed.) Only six teenagers study in Vaskovo: a girl and five boys. Two have already decided to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense after graduation, “Novaya Gazeta Yevropa describes the situation in one of the regions of Russia.

Mobilization in Russia. Archive videoReuters Archive

Spring “hidden mobilization”

In the spring, “hidden” mobilization began throughout Russia. Since the beginning of March, at least 53,000 posts calling for joining the Russian armed forces have appeared in the accounts of governors, local authorities, regional media and even schools on the social networking site VKontkte: seven times more than during the entire summer. At that time, the Kremlin also hoped to recruit volunteers, but in the end it was forced to announce the so-called partial mobilization, wrote Novaya Gazeta Yevropa.

Nearly 90 percent of all war adverts advertise contracts with the Ministry of Defence. More than two thousand posts on the VKontakte portal concerned recruitment conducted by Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenary Wagner Group. Among the most popular advertising slogans appearing on this occasion were: “Contractual service is the choice of real men!”, “Military service is stability and certainty of life!” and “Your country needs you!”.

Propaganda poster with a Russian soldier in St. Petersburg PAP/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV

In the accounts of schools and kindergartens

Independent journalists claim that the authorities used all administrative means to recruit Russians. At least 19,000 announcements about contract military service appeared on the accounts of regional authorities, and almost 4,000 announcements were placed on the accounts of public budgetary institutions, schools and even kindergartens. Parents of toddlers are tempted by various benefits for children, such as places at universities or trips to summer camps.

In March this year, at the behest of the governor of the Stavropol region, at least nine schools posted advertisements on their accounts about “military work in Ukraine” From the posts, children can find out how much soldiers get for the assault, as well as for the destroyed Ukrainian equipment. In one of the Astrakhan schools, soldiers come to history and physical education lessons to persuade 10th graders to contract service right after graduation – he writes “Nova Gazeta Yevropa”.

The recruitment campaign is not limited to advertising on the Internet. Advertisements appear on the staircases of apartment blocks, bus stops, as well as on billboards.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV

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