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Russia. Portal Agentstwo: Pancyr system near Putin’s residence

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An anti-aircraft system, probably Pancyr-S, appeared over Lake Valdai in the Novgorod region of Russia, the independent Russian portal Agentstwo reported, citing local residents. The presidential residence of Vladimir Putin is nearby.

The portal published a photograph of the system provided by a resident of the village of Jaszczewo. Only six kilometers from it is the presidential residence Vladimir Putin. The inhabitants of Jaszczerów, as well as neighboring towns, confirmed that anti-aircraft defense has been operating there for some time. One of the portal’s interlocutors said that a three-person crew is constantly on duty near the system.


The portal notes that there are no other objects in this area, apart from the presidential residence, that could be subject to such protection. He also writes that anti-aircraft defense in the village of Jaszczerowo could have appeared after the Ukrainian attacks on the airports near Ryazan and Engels, in the European part of Russia. The attacks were carried out using drones in early December last year.

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The Agentstwo portal stressed that Putin’s residence on Lake Valdai, although it is called official, has almost no representative functions. It is better known as a personal retreat for the president, his relatives and friends.

The media reported last week about the deployment of Pancyr-S anti-aircraft systems in Moscow, on the roofs of government buildings. There were reports that one of the systems was deployed near the village of Zarechye, about 10 km from Putin’s residence in Novo-Ogaryiv near Moscow.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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