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Russia. Putin started wearing bulletproof vests. It's clear who was pushing

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Both the Federal Security Service and the Federal Protection Service appealed to Vladimir Putin to change his habits during official speeches, according to The Moscow Times. Ultimately, the leader allegedly agreed with the officers' suggestions.

The Russian website managed to reach a Kremlin official who confirmed that Putin was wearing a vest on the day of the Victory Day parade. The dignitary praised his superior's behavior, considering it a “right precaution.”

The portal notes that Vladimir Putin has been able to for some time follow the recommendations, but such reports have not been officially confirmed.

Putin started wearing a bulletproof vest. This is the service's recommendation

British security consultant Jade Miller, who analyzed Vladimir Putin's behavior on the day of the Victory Parade, was asked to provide an opinion on this matter. She noticed that the president was moving unnaturally stiffly and was carefully checking whether the buttons on his coat were fastened securely..

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“As if he wanted to make sure no one saw what he had under his coat,” she said.

Andrei Soldatov, an expert and journalist specializing in the activities of the Russian security services, believes that Putin willingly follows recommendations regarding his protection, if it will keep him safe. In his opinion, the leader is aware of the risk he is exposed to every day.

The Moscow Times also emphasized that security measures during Putin's speeches are very strict. Two weeks before the Victory Parade, the square where the event takes place is closed, and guests must undergo meticulous personal inspection. There are snipers on the roofs of neighboring buildings, and Putin himself, laying a wreath, is guarded from all sides by 20 security guards.

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