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Russia. Putin takes control of Prigozhin’s global empire

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The Kremlin began to take full control of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s business empire just hours after his forces withdrew from Moscow, the Wall Street Journal reports. Representatives of the Russian authorities were to assure the leaders in Syria, the Central African Republic and Mali that Prigozhin’s rebellion would not end the presence of the Wagnerians in these countries, but they would not act independently of the Kremlin.

According to the daily, shortly after the retreat of Prigozhin’s troops, Kremlin representatives made a number of visits to countries where mercenaries and interests of the Wagner Group are present. deputy chief of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Vershinin traveled to Damascus, where he was to call on Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad not to allow the Wagnerians to leave the country without Moscow supervision. The Russian Ministry of Defense was also supposed to call on the militants on Tuesday to report to the Russian base in Latakia in the west Syria. According to log sources, the order was fulfilled.

Wagnerians PAP/EPA

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Diplomatic offensive

Russian officials were also scheduled to visit little and the Central African Republic, where the Wagner Group has a strong presence with similar signals. According to a US intelligence official quoted by the “WSJ”, the Kremlin informed Wagner’s militants and employees that they were to remain in place, and that refusal to perform their duties would result in severe penalties.

An adviser to the president of the Central African Republic, Fidele Gouandjika, said that Moscow is funding the presence of 3,000. Wagner’s mercenaries, and assured them that recent events would not affect their activities. “If Moscow decides to recall them and send us Beethovens or Mozarts, we will take them,” he said.

However, the newspaper estimates that it is not yet clear to what extent Russia is able to take control of the activities of the Wagner Group, which, apart from spreading Russian influence, also helped the Kremlin in circumventing sanctions.

Wagner Group

According to “WSJ”, the Wagner Group has approx. 6 thousand. mercenaries and workers on three continents. Under the leadership of Prigozhin and with the support of the Kremlin, the group pursued an aggressive expansion in Africa, intending to establish a foothold also in Chad – where it was planning to assassinate the president – Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire.

Wagnerians in Rostov-on-DonPAP/EPA/STRINGER

In addition to providing security to regimes, the Wagner Group also mines valuable resources, from diamonds to gold. On Tuesday, the US State Department imposed sanctions on Wagner-related companies involved in trading gold mined in the Central African Republic and Mali. The resort has announced that it will take further action. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller recently again warned African states that the presence of mercenaries involves the exploitation of local residents, looting of local resources and abuses human rights.

“We’re giving them a message that we’ve given in the past, publicly and privately: every time a Wagner enters a country, death and destruction follow him,” he said.

Yevgeny Prigozhin leaves Rostov-on-Don ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / Reuters / Forum

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Main photo source: Press service of Prigozhin/ UPI Photo via Newscom / PAP

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