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Russia. Putin’s “secret residence” on Dossier Center recordings. Property close to the border with Finland

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The Dossier Center has published a video online that purports to show Vladimir Putin’s “secret residence”. The extensive estate near the border with Finland includes three modern buildings, described in the documents as a “fishing cottage”, a “barn” and a “garden house”.

The Dossier Center, a media organization uncovering the secrets of Kremlin people, has published a video on the Internet showing Vladimir Putin’s secret residence located on Lake Ladoga. The “Northern dacha”, as the authors called it, is located about 30 kilometers from the border with Finland. The description says it is “the most detailed film ever made about Putin’s residence.”

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Putin’s alleged “secret residence” – what is known?

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At the beginning of 2010, the area where the residence is to be located belonged to the owners of a local tourist base, who – according to the Dossier Center – “were disposed of in the traditional way – by visiting the prosecutor’s office.” According to the Center, the area of ​​​​the residence is currently four square kilometers – “twice as much as Monaco.”

The dictator’s alleged estate includes three modern and impressive buildings, referred to in the documents as a “fishing cottage”, a “barn” and a “garden house”. Nearby there is also a trout farm, a farm with cows bred for marbled beef, and a pier with a sauna. From the modern gazebo you can watch the four-meter-high Maryalahti Waterfall. Transport to the property is facilitated by two helicopter landing pads, but – as the authors of the film point out – you can also swim there, and two luxury motor yachts are at your disposal.

According to the independent Russian portal Meduza, a few years ago a structure appeared behind the “barn” building, which was supposed to hide an “air defense system” that would protect the owner of the residence against a possible attack. Four kilometers from Putin’s “secret residence”, another one is being built, also equipped with a pier, a helicopter landing pad and other luxurious amenities. The owner of this complex is a businessman Roman Abramowicz – says Meduza.

The Dossier Center is an organization dedicated to uncovering the activities of Kremlin representatives. This media project is associated with a Russian businessman and oppositionist Mikhail Khodorkovsky. She’s already shown “secret yacht” that supposedly belongs to PutinWhether armored trainwhich the dictator is supposed to move around Russia.

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Main photo source: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

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