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Russia. Radio Svoboda: wounded Wagnerians are being treated in a clinic in St. Petersburg associated with Putin’s daughter

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Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group are being treated in a private medical clinic in St. Petersburg, linked to Maria Vorontsova, believed to be the daughter of Vladimir Putin, Radio Svoboda reported on Wednesday.

Radio Svoboda refers to a video published on social media from the visit of the founder of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to the wounded mercenaries. The authors of the recording stated that Prigozhin visited “seriously wounded soldiers undergoing treatment in one of the St. Petersburg clinics.” In the recording, Prigozhin talks to one of the patients, and in the background you can see the interior of the clinic.

According to the radio station, the frames were created at the Moj Medicynskij Centr clinic (Russian: “my medical center”) on Mała Koniuszenna Street in the center of St. Petersburg. Previously, the clinic was called SOGAZ Medicyna, which it changed due to Western sanctions imposed on the SOGAZ insurance company.

Yevgeny Prigozhin visited the wounded mercenaries of the Wagner Group being treated in St. Petersburg Reuters/Concord Press Service

One of the owners of SOGAZ is Mikhail Shelomov, a relative Vladimir Putin. Another is the businessman Yuri Kovalchuk, considered by the media to be one of Putin’s closest associates.

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In August 2022, SOGAZ Medicyna clinics changed owners – they became the managers of Nomieko, SOGAZ’s partner company. Already in 2019, the Russian editorial office of the BBC wrote about Nomieko’s participation in the project to build a medical complex in the Leningrad region, which – according to SOGAZ – was supposed to be one of the best equipped clinics in the world. The shareholder of Nomieko is Maria Vorontsova – according to the media, this is the surname of Putin’s elder daughter.

Already in 2021, Radio Swoboda informed about the patients of the clinic in Mała Koniuszenna belonging to the elite of the authorities in Russia. The radio station listed among them Kovalchuk himself and the head of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Valentina Matviyenko.

Main photo source: Reuters/Concord Press Service

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