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Russia: Secret information leaked. FSO revealed the truth about Putin's residence

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A movement of service to protect Vladimir Putin, the Russian media called it “complete idiocy”. By revealing the secrets of the Russian leader's residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, the Federal Protection Service found itself at the center big scandal.

Putin's estate is also called Object 53 and is considered one of the most secret residences. One of the Russian social media channels wrote that not only the house of the President of the Russian Federation is located there, but also meeting place of the Security Council.

Russia. The Federal Protection Service revealed information about Putin's secret estate

“A group of FSO employees and businessmen were convicted of stealing funds intended for the modernization of this residence. Most of the materials in this case have been classified for obvious reasons, especially the part that describes in detail the 'interiors' of Facility 53,” it was reported in an extensive post posted online.

As we read further, the Investigative Committee Russia and FSO decided to add a civil lawsuit in addition to the criminal case against the defendants. However, it turns out that in this case no documents were marked as secretwhich is why documents from the criminal case were easily available, describing what the interior of the estate in Novo-Ogaryiv looked like, as well as what specifications they had and what possible secrets they might hide.

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“Now the materials are available in the Moscow City Court and even from the court's website you can download some of the materialsthe rest can be viewed in the court itself,” it was written online.

Belsat, citing a social media channel that shared photos of the documents, said it contained a detailed description of the rooms, equipment, as well as information about personnel protecting Vladimir Putin.

Scandal in Russia. Secret documents leaked. Putin's residence was described in detail

The documents were considered secret due to the nature of the Russian leader's residence. “This is where Putin lives, where his meetings take place Security Council meetingsthere may be a bunker there,” said the user who – as he himself states – discovers the secrets of officials, oligarchs and security services.

Another secret report, prepared on the basis of disclosed information, shows that there are constant shifts in staff premises – there is four doctors and 111 security guards, who are on duty in four two-hour shifts. In turn, for guards from the Federal Protective Service, there is a shooting range and a room for weapons maintenance.

However, this is not all that is supposed to be located on the premises of the Russian president's secret facility. There is also a dog breeding farm in Novo-Ogaryiv – in addition to the dogs that help protect Putin, there are also dogs that the politician received as a gift from the leaders of other countries.

Moreover, in the rooms where Vladimir Putin's staff eat meals security guards are supposed to be on duty.

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