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Russia sends ships close to the US. They chose a country in the Caribbean

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The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that Russian units will not carry nuclear weapons they do not pose a threat to security in the region.

Cuban authorities announced that four ships would arrive in the capital's port. In addition to Kazan, the team will include: guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov. “The visit is part of historically friendly relations between… Cuba and Russia and is strictly consistent with international principles,” we read in the statement.

How We previously reported in Interia, American intelligence expected a similar move by the Russians. “The US authorities are monitoring the movement of Russian ships and planeswhich are heading to the Caribbean to take part in maneuvers there in the coming weeks,” the AP reported on Wednesday, citing sources in the US administration.

According to American officials, it is possible that the Russians will also visit Venezuelan ports.

Russian fleet in the Caribbean. Atomic Kazan

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Kazan is a Project 885M attack submarine. It is one of the newer units, entered service in May 2021. The ship is 120 meters long and its displacement is approximately 14,000. tone. It is equipped with nuclear propulsion and can operate independently at sea for 100 days. The unit dives to a depth of 600 meters.

The ship serves 64 sailors. The exact technical data are a military secret, but it is known that Kazan can carry 533 mm torpedoes and Oniks and Kalibr missiles.

Russia-USA tensions

US security officials said they did not consider the small group of ships a threat but would monitor the exercises.

Tensions between Washington and Moscow have persisted since Russia's aggression Ukraine. They have recently increased following announcements Vladimir Putinwho declared that Moscow reserves the right to station weapons near countries that supply weapons to Ukraine.

Radio Swoboda notes that the situation is somewhat reminiscent of events from the Cold War. Exactly from 1962, when the Soviet Union deployed conventional and nuclear weapons in Cuba, which caused the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis and an increase in the threat of direct conflict.

USA on the “growing threat from adversaries”

Recently, we can also see statements from American and Russian officials that indicate a change in the approach to the strategy of using nuclear weapons.

The United States may reach a point in the coming years where it will need to increase the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons – delivered on Friday official of the US National Security Council Pranay Vaddi. He emphasized that this was the White House's response “to growing threats from adversaries.”

– We have a nuclear doctrine, according to which the use of nuclear weapons is possible in exceptional cases when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country are threatened. But this doctrine is a living instrument and we carefully monitor what is happening in the world and we do not rule out introducing some changes to this doctrine – he stated during his speech in St. Petersburg.

Sources: Reuters, Radio Swoboda

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