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Russia. Sergey Lavrov at the UN headquarters, talks about peace. Comments of politicians and experts

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The idea of ​​Russia chairing the UN Security Council has been widely criticized since early April. In New York, at the headquarters of the organization, Sergey Lavrov spoke on Monday about peace. There were also supposed to be representatives of the Russian media, but they did not get American visas. Poland did not participate in this debate. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

“It’s symbolic that we preside today, International Day of Diplomacy for Peace,” he said on Monday Sergey Lavrovhead of the Russian Foreign Ministry – a country that more than a year ago attacked again Ukraine. Now he chaired a meeting of the Security Council UN.

– Russia is trying to present itself as a defender of the United Nations Charter. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s cynical. We all know that when Russia destroys, we build, said the Permanent Representative of the European Union to the United Nations, Olof Skoog.

In an EU protest, 27 EU ambassadors accused Russia of cynically using the UN forum while openly breaking the law.

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“The devil has put on a chasuble and is ringing his tail for mass. Today we are dealing with another attempt by Russia to use UN membership, especially in the Security Council, as an opportunity to spread war propaganda” – commented the Polish ambassador to the UN in a statement Christopher Szczerski.

Therefore, Poland did not participate in this Security Council debate. – It has been a scandal for a long time, because Russia is a rowdy country. It invaded Georgia and later in 2014 Ukraine. Something needs to be done about it, but for now there is no idea – says the former Polish ambassador in Kiev, Jan Piekło.

The US did not issue visas to Russian journalists

The Americans hesitated for a long time before issuing visas to Sergei Lavrov and his diplomats. However, they did not expose them to Russian journalists, but rather to propagandists. Sergei Lavrov said in Moscow that he would not forget and would not forgive.


Russia has chaired the UN Security Council since the beginning of the month. – It took the place of the Soviet Union (after 1991 – ed.) without a sensible justification and without a formal procedure that should be implemented in such a case, as was the case with the separation of the Czechs and Slovaks – notes Jan Piekło.

Sergei Lavrov in New York easily attends UN sessions, shoulder to shoulder with the secretary general. He hears that Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine is causing colossal pain, but he can say whatever he wants. “Dear colleagues, just like during the Cold War, we have reached a dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous threshold,” Lavrov said on Monday.

Searching for an agreement on the supply of weapons and ammunition

– The international community must remain firmly committed to ensuring accountability for crimes committed in and against Ukraine – emphasized Olof Skoog that day.

Ukraine has no doubts that Europe’s security depends on the speed and volume of arms and ammunition deliveries. However, there is still no such agreement. “But I am sure that everyone will understand that we are in a situation of extreme urgency. I am sure that in the coming days we will achieve them. We do not sit and wait, the work continues, the head of EU diplomacy assures Josep Borrell.

The talks are to be blocked by France, which demands that contracts be awarded to companies that use only EU elements and labor in production.

Main photo source: JUSTIN LANE/PAP/EPA

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