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Russia. Seven years in prison for a poem that was deemed by the court to be an appeal to kill Putin

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A Russian court sentenced a man to seven years in prison for a poem in which he expressed hope for the appearance in Russia of a new Claus von Stauffenberg, co-organizer of the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. The court interpreted it as a call to kill Vladimir Putin, the OWD-Info portal reported on Thursday.

A court in Moscow ruled on Tuesday that Aleksandr Byvshev is guilty of “calling for terrorism” and “spreading false information” about the Russian army.

It concerns a short anti-war poem published on Facebook. It begins with the words “Rockets are flying in Ukraine”, and at the end the author turns to his country's soldiers, expressing hope for the appearance of a “Russian Stauffenberg”.

During the trial, Byvshev was accused not only of calling for Putin's murder, but also of distributing photos showing the destruction in the Ukrainian town where his aunt lived.

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According to the Memorial Association, 51-year-old Byvshev lives in the Orlov Oblast and is a trained German teacher. He has been in Russian custody since February 2023.

After Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in 2014, he was already on trial for poems condemning the Kremlin. Because of this, he lost his teaching job.

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