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Russia. Siberia. Frost. Yakutsk has mastered a heavy frost. “It’s very cold, we’re freezing”

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This week in Yakutsk, temperatures dropped to -50 degrees Celsius. The city, renowned for being the coldest in the world, is experiencing an exceptionally long bouts of extreme cold this season. – You can’t fight it. Either you adapt and dress appropriately, or you will suffer,” said a resident of Yakutsk.

The inhabitants of Yakutsk, five thousand kilometers east of Moscow, regularly see thermometers well below -40 degrees Celsius. The city is located in the permafrost of the Russian Far East.

– You can’t fight it. Either you adapt and dress appropriately, or you will suffer,” city resident Anastasia Gruzdieva told Reuters, standing outside wearing two scarves, two pairs of gloves and multiple hats and hoods. – You don’t really feel cold in the city. Or maybe it’s just your brain preparing you for it and telling you that everything is fine? she wondered.

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Frost in Yakutsk Reuters

Frost in Yakutsk. “You have to dress warmly, in layers, like cabbage”

Another resident of Yakutsk, Nurgusun Starostina, who sells frozen fish at the local market, believes that at such temperatures refrigerators and freezers are completely unnecessary.

– I think it’s -51 degrees. It’s very cold, we even freeze, but thanks to customers we move and in this way we warm up – she said. – There are no special ways to deal with the cold. You have to dress warmly, in layers, like cabbage – she added.

Frost in Yakutsk Reuters

The temperature in Yakutsk has dropped to -50 degrees this weekReuters

Coldest temperature in Siberia since 2002

It is extremely cold in Siberia. According to the weather service Ventusky.com, the village of Tongulakh recorded -62.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday. This is a new cold record for this station. “In addition, this is the lowest temperature in Siberia since 2002,” they wrote on Twitter.

Amateur weather statistician Thierry Goose tweeted that the temperature recorded in Tongulakh is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the world in 2023. “This is the coldest January since 1982,” he tweeted.

Main photo source: Reuters

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