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Russia, St. Petersburg. Coffee shop bombing, blogger killed. Daria Trepowa’s husband: she was framed

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The husband of Daria Trepova – a woman arrested in connection with the murder of the Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky – as we read on The Insider portal, informed that his friend, Dmitry Kasintsev, was also arrested in the case.

In addition to Daria Trepova, one more person was detained in the case of the murder of the propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky, said the husband of the detainee, Dmitry Rylov. According to him, the detainee’s name is Dmitry Kasintsev.

Rylov said that Kasintsev was his friend and Trepowa “was in his apartment at the time of the arrest.” “She contacted me in the last 24 hours, but then I lost contact with her,” Rylov added, quoted by the portal on Monday evening.

– Daria said she was framed and I completely agree with that. Nobody expected it. As far as I know, she was supposed to return a bust that had something in it. I thought it was an electronic device, but it certainly wasn’t explosive. Daria wouldn’t be able to do that, the man argued.

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The murder of a Russian blogger

On Sunday evening, the Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarski (Maksim Fomin), known as an ardent advocate of the war against Ukrainewas killed in a bomb attack during an author’s meeting held in one of St. Petersburg’s cafes.

The Russian authorities immediately blamed the Ukrainian authorities for the attack, and influential propagandists began to demand retaliation.

The Institute of Internal Affairs notes information from the Russian media about the arrest of Daria Trepova, who was supposed to participate in the Fomin author’s meeting, in connection with the assassination attempt. According to the media, it was she who was supposed to give him a statuette in which an explosive could be hidden. At the same time, according to the media, this is only one of the tested versions, and the investigation does not rule out that the charge could have been planted earlier in a different place.

At the same time, Yevgeny Prigozhin – the founder of the Wagner Group – who once owned the cafe where a blogger who was sympathetic to him died, ruled out the involvement of the Ukrainian services in the attack. He said the clue should be sought elsewhere.

Experts from the Institute of Internal Affairs stressed on Monday that the attack could have been a signal sent to Prigozhin by someone in the Russian services not to exaggerate in criticizing the Kremlin.

Main photo source: ICRF Press Service

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