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Russia started maneuvers. Putin's ships in the Pacific Ocean

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Russian Pacific Fleet begins 10-day exerciseswhich will take place on June 18-28 in the Pacific Ocean, in the Sea of ​​Japan and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The training will take place under the supervision of the fleet commander, Admiral Viktor Liina.

The Russian Navy exercises in the Pacific Ocean

As reported by the Ministry of Defense Russiaexercises in the Pacific will have bilateral naturebecause the Primorska Flotilla of Various Forces and combined command forces from the north-east of the country will take part.

“Sailors will practice anti-submarine operations, defense of ship units at sea, joint missile attacks on groups of ships belonging to a hypothetical enemy, training in repelling drone and drone attacks, and performing a number of practical and combat exercises,” the official statement said.

He will take part in tasks performed in the Pacific 40 shipsand approx. 20 planes and helicopters. The Russian ministry has published a video showing the first ships leaving the operational base in Vladivostok, accompanied by a submarine.

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Russian naval exercises in the context of Putin's visit to Pyongyang

Exercises carried out nearby South Korea i Japan are causing concern in the West in the context of increasing tension between Moscow a Tokio i Seulem.

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin began a two-day visit to Pyongyang, during which he will meet with the leader North Korea, Kim Dzong Unem. On Monday The Kremlin stressed that Russia hopes to tighten ties with an allied country “in all possible areas”.

Routine exercises of the Russian Pacific Fleet have been taking place for years and are related to the display of Russian naval power. Western countries began to look at them more closely after the Russian invasion began in Ukraine.

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