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Russia started running out of gas after drone attacks. Ukrainian power plants, however, operate without problems

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Attacks on Russian refineries are a blow to the Kremlin, perhaps even more costly than Western sanctions. There is already a shortage of gasoline in Russia. However, there were no power outages in Ukraine in 2024, as there were in winter last year. Power plants are operational and the sky is well protected.

In the morning, the second Ukrainian drone attacked the refinery in Syzran. The massive fire was extinguished only after many hours. Another Russian refinery in the Samara region was attacked in the morning. – Ukrainians claim that such attacks are much more effective than Western sanctions on the export of petroleum products imposed on Russia after its aggression against Ukraine two years ago, says Oleh Biletsky, a Ukrainian journalist.

Since the beginning of 2024, Ukraine has attacked at least a dozen Russian oil processing plants in this way. They had to stop or reduce production so much that Russia introduced a ban on the export of gasoline because there was a shortage of it for internal needs.

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Russian attacks on Ukraine are aimed at murdering civilian inhabitants. Mourning was announced in Odessa a day after two Iskander missiles hit the city, killing 21 people and injuring 70. – Here we can see precisely how the enemy is attacking. A car repair shop, civilian buildings, a street with many passers-by. When rescuers arrived here to extinguish the fire, the enemy sneakily attacked with another rocket. That is why there are so many victims among firefighters, doctors and policemen, emphasizes Ihor Klymenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Diplomatic offensive in Europe. “Ukraine desperately needs ammunition”Monika Krajewska/Fakty TVN

Ukrainian energy infrastructure better protected

There are also places where Russian missiles almost no longer reach. This is Ukrainian energy. One of the key Ukrainian power plants has been attacked with rockets several times since the beginning of the war. – If we weren't so important, the enemy wouldn't invest so much to destroy us. Without electricity, production will stop, Ukraine will not survive – emphasizes Serhiy, shift manager at the Ukrainian power plant. – Our soldiers are cunning. They work hard to defend our skies. Anti-aircraft defense is performing valiantly, and energy engineers across Ukraine are making great efforts to stabilize the infrastructure, adds Roman, an employee of a Ukrainian power plant.

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Thanks to the powerful anti-aircraft defense provided by the West, there were no power outages in 2024. Just a year ago, in many Ukrainian cities, residents had to cope without electricity for many hours every day.

The danger has not completely passed. The crew must hide in the shelter every day. – Putin wants to leave people without light, without life. Because light is life, that's why it attacks objects that are key to our lives, says Myron, an employee of a Ukrainian power plant. However, those who control the power plant cannot leave their workstations despite the air raid alarm. – We have to endure. It's also terrible for the boys at the front. We here, they there. Together we hold the front and fight for Ukraine, emphasizes Taras, who works at a Ukrainian power plant.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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