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Russia stopped oil supplies to Poland. Why did Poland not break the contract? Government spokesman Piotr Mueller: It is the fault of the European Union

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The Russians turned off the tap in the Druzhba pipeline, through which oil flowed to Poland. For over a year since the outbreak of aggression against Ukraine, Poland has not terminated the contract for supplies from Russia. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller, when asked about this “dissonance”, argued that the European Union was to blame, because “it did not immediately decide on sanctions”. In such a situation, Mueller claimed, Poland would have to pay compensation to the Russians by breaking the contract.

Orlen has not received crude oil from February 25 Russia. The decision to suspend supplies via the Druzhba pipeline was not made by the Polish government, the tap was turned off by the Russians. Orlen’s contract for supplies with Tatneft is valid until the end of 2024.

Orlen management board member: the supply contract with Tatneft is valid until the end of 2024TVN24

Government spokesman on “the fault of the European Union”

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller was asked on Tuesday in Polsat News if he did not see a “dissonance” between the words and actions of the government, which for a year after the start of aggression against Ukraine had been importing oil from Russia, while running a broad campaign calling on other countries to stop such supplies.

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In response, Mueller spoke about the previous government and about Donald Tusk. – In 2014, just after the seizure of Crimea, just after the seizure of eastern Ukraine, Donald Tusk decides to extend contracts with Russia for oil and gas supplies. When we took over the government, we built a gas pipeline Baltic Pipe and we diversified from that moment, we reduced oil supplies from Russia. And when the war broke out, we appealed and implemented the most far-reaching sanctions in the European Union,” Mueller said.

He added that contracts with Russia for oil supplies “could be terminated in their entirety if European Union immediately adopted the sanctions, as we wanted. – If there are no sanctions, then Poland is obliged to pay for the contracts that are signed. (In other words – ed.) We would pay and not receive oil. We would lose, he said.

– We appealed to immediately cut off Russia from any supplies to Poland and the entire European Union, and the European Union did not agree to this. The fault of the European Union is that it did not immediately decide on sanctions. Otherwise, there is no legal basis for not implementing contracts, said the government spokesman. He added that “without EU sanctions, Russia has legal grounds to demand payments from European Union countries.” – That is why Poland wanted to terminate all contracts with Russia one by one, so that there would be no legal basis for paying Russia for nothing – he said.

Mueller: Thanks to Russia’s decision, there will be no compensation

When asked about the contract with Tatneft until 2024, he replied: – Let’s recall 2014 again. 10 percent for last year and 0 percent this year, because Poland no longer imports oil from Russia. Versus almost 100 percent in the times of Donald Tusk – repeated Mueller.

– Thanks to the fact that Russia has decided, there will be no compensation. You won’t have to pay them anything for it.

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Prime Minister: At the beginning of the year, 10 percent of oil was imported from Russia. Because the EU did not want sanctions

The Prime Minister also spoke on Monday about the suspension of Russian oil supplies Mateusz Morawiecki. – It was only when we came to power in 2016, at the end of 2015, that we immediately started to import oil from other directions. How much oil is there today? Today it is zero. At the beginning of this year, it was around 10 percent because the European Union did not want to impose sanctions on oil brought in by pipeline. We pushed towards these sanctions – argued the head of the government at the conference in Gryfów Śląski.

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