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Russia. The base in Karabash was deserted. This can be seen in satellite photos

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One of the users on the X website published a series of entries in which, using satellite photos, he revealed the condition of the arsenal of artillery and missile weapons of the Russian Federation in Karabasu (Chelyabinsk region).

Though currently the arsenal is emptybefore Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, towed howitzers were stored there. As we read, in and around the base itself there were only a few buildings, probably intended for maintenance and testing, a railway station, and a few logistics vehicles. “In the largest concentration in the middle of the forest, there were only howitzers D-30” – emphasized.

Russia. A powerful arsenal in Karabash. Now it's empty

There was a similar storage yard in another square, but there were much fewer howitzers there. The attached satellite photos show the concrete slabs on which the above-mentioned machines stand.

The third group is a bit of a puzzle. These are clearly not D-30s, but a different model of towed gun,” the post stated. As the authors of the post themselves admitted, they have four sets of recordings, but none of them is of good enough quality to clearly determine what is there in the square. Judging by the shape and size – as far as they can be determined – the authors they excluded certain models of heavy equipment.

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Based on the howitzer barrels, it was determined that they were probably D-20, D-1 or MŁ-20 models. “Russia apparently has several MŁ-20s in warehouses, but few, so it's unlikely. But without better recordings or photos, one can only guess,” the post said.

Hundreds of howitzers disappeared from the base. Activity around the facility also decreased

The authors summarized how many artillery guns were in total at the Karabash base – these were 363 D-30 howitzers and 60 pieces of other equipment. Machines that were stored there by the Russians two years ago disappeared – Internet users' findings show that the D-30 howitzers were removed from there on October 5 last year.

Trying to determine when the base was deserted, the author of the entry emphasized that he was almost convinced – based on the analyzed material – that the large machinery storage facility had disappeared by mid-June last year. “Most of the base, which was the fourth largest D-30 depot in Russia, it was probably more or less exhausted by June 2023” – summed up.

The post also added that activity around the base had also decreased. Even though there are almost no trucks there anymore, that's it the photos show a trainwhich may suggest that the Russians have not completely abandoned this place.

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