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Russia. The campaign against Alla Pugacheva and her husband intensifies. “Ouch, it’s good that you left”

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After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maksym Gałkin left for Israel. The Kremlin media wrote about the vacation, but it is already known that the trip was associated with concerns for the safety of Gałkin, who openly criticizes the Russian invasion. This week, a vulgar sign addressing Pugacheva appeared on the building of the Ostankino television center in Moscow.

According to the Russian media, this week a vulgar sign with a laser was displayed on the building of the Ostankino television center in Moscow, addressing Alla Pugacheva: “Alla, it’s good that you left, you took us all here a long time ago.” This is another attack on the artist. There are more and more voices to deprive her of citizenship.

Pugacheva’s harsh criticism is related to her husband’s statements about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “From the very morning I talk to my family and friends in Ukraine. I cannot express my feelings with words! How is this possible! You cannot justify the war!” – wrote on February 24 on his Instagram profile, Maksym Gałkin. Galkin is a comedian, TV presenter and youtuber popular in Russia. And since 2011 – the husband of Alla Pugacheva, who is 27 years older than him.

“Does she deserve it?”

The vulgar text about the artist in many media was received with indignation. “How to understand the mean and vulgar inscription made by haters on the building of the Ostankino television center, addressing a famous singer and, in addition, an elderly woman? With joy that Pugacheva is gone, and with indecent excitement? Does she deserve it? Or maybe she deserves more? At least elementary human respect? – writes Tatiana Fedotkina on the MK.ru.

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The journalist continues: “And is it generally normal when such subtitles appear on the television building? Using obscene language? Have the culprits been found? Has the security of the television building been strengthened? Will anyone really answer for this? we write obscene things in big shiny letters on one of the main buildings of the capital? Will it always be like this? For whatever reason? “.

Alla Pugacheva responds to the vulgar entry

The singer referred to this incident in one of her Instagram posts. “The lower the intelligence, the louder the insults. Live in peace, motherland!” – she wrote. In the comments, popular musicians expressed their support for the star of the Russian song, incl. Lolita Milewskaya, Maniża and Igor Nikolaev. The heart’s emote was left by the singer Kristina Orbakaite, the eldest daughter of Pugacheva, with whom the star reportedly has not the best relations.

Alla Pugacheva and Maksym GałkinShutterstock

But criticism of Pugacheva and her husband from the government media and industry colleagues close to the Kremlin has intensified. All the more so because in the weeks that followed, Maksym Gałkin regularly spoke out against the war in Ukraine and openly condemned the Kremlin authorities. Margarita Simonian, editor-in-chief of Russia Today, called him “a gay man who, for his career and wealth, married an old woman.”

The Kremlin is having trouble with its favorite artist for years. He maintains the narrative that Pugacheva is not in exile but on vacation. “Moskovsky Komsomolets” claims that the artist will return on September 1, when the school starts.

Singer Grigory Leps shares this hope: “Alla Borisovna is a wonderful woman and artist, I don’t believe she emigrated. Maybe he’s just relaxing. Soon she will come back to her homeland, like many others, she will work and work well! ”.

“He knows everything about everyone”

For security reasons, Pugachev and Galkin in March they left for Israel. Then the 73-year-old “Tsarina of the Russian stage” did not stand up for her husband. Now, however, she was supposed to threaten that if the authorities tried to hold Galkin criminally responsible for what he wrote about the war, she would “start talking and not stop.”

“She knows everything about everyone. Not only about those who earn money by singing or dancing, but also those who work in politics. She has something to sing. It won’t be easy to remove her from the eyes of the public, if she wants to fight, it won’t be easy” – he assessed on the portal votcza.pl expert in Russia, publicist Wacław Radziwinowicz.

Galkin’s troubles

For statements about the war, Galkin may face serious consequences. According to Russian law, spreading “false information” inconsistent with the Kremlin’s image of the army’s actions – and this category could include Pugacheva’s husband’s anti-war entries – is a crime. They are punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment.

In addition, the 45-year-old presenter is a repeat offender in this respect. In 2019, he openly criticized Russian state television from the stage, claiming that it had returned to “Soviet standards”.

It is not known whether the celebrity couple intends to stay longer in Israel. According to the website “Haarec” in March, Gałkin’s mother is Jewish, so he and his whole family could apply for Israeli citizenship.

She is no longer Putin’s favorite

Pugacheva herself does not go as far as her husband in statements about the authorities, but it has been known for a long time that Putin’s policy is not on her way. In 2014, the singer stood up for artists who condemned the invasion of Crimea. It was then that she ceased to be regarded as the Kremlin’s darling, which she had been considered in earlier decades.

Alla Pugacheva is not only by far the most popular Russian singer, but also one of the richest women in this country. For several years, “Tsarina” has focused primarily on business. He successfully runs a cosmetics company and is also active in the clothing industry. Galkin is her fifth husband.

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