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Russia. The court sentenced the 72-year-old to 5.5 years in a labor camp for discrediting the army

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A Russian court sentenced a 72-year-old retiree to 5.5 years in a penal colony. The woman allegedly spread “falsehoods” about the Russian army, incited political hatred and called for extremist activities. It was about the pensioner’s posts online. She admitted in court to authoring them and emphasized that she did not agree with the Kremlin’s actions towards Ukraine.

Courthouse located in the southwest Russia and bordering with Ukraine Rostov Oblast sentenced a 72-year-old retiree to 5.5 years in a penal colony for allegedly discrediting the Russian army on social media, the Radio Svoboda website reported. The prosecutor demanded six years in a labor camp for the woman.

The pensioner allegedly spread “falsehoods” about Russia’s activities

According to the court, 72-year-old Evgeniya Majboroda was guilty of spreading “falsehoods” about the Russian army, inciting political hatred and calling for extremist activities. Two posts by the pensioner in one of the popular Russian messengers were used as evidence in the case.

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Russian authorities consider true reports about him “extremist”. war in Ukrainewhich do not coincide with the propaganda of the Russian Ministry of Defense – Radio Svoboda recalled.

The station previously reported that Majboroda had posted many anti-war posts on her online profile, including ones comparing the Russian authorities to Nazi leaders. German and was already detained for three days in the spring of 2023. She was also sentenced to 40,000. rubles (approx. PLN 1,800) fine.

Hundreds of criminal proceedings for opposing the war

The retiree admitted to being the author of the posts. She argued that her brother in Dnieper, Ukraine, was under the rubble of a destroyed house as a result of shelling. In court, Majboroda said that she did not agree with the actions of the Russian army and the Kremlin regarding Ukraine and negatively assessed the achievements and character of Vladimir Putin.

As calculated by the Russian website OWD-Info, which is independent of the Kremlin authorities and monitors detentions in Russia, so far criminal proceedings have been initiated against at least 830 people in this country for their anti-war attitude, of which at least 250 proceedings concern “false information” about the Russian army . The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has sent at least 137 indictments to court. Some cases have already ended with verdicts.

The most severe sentences, amounting to 11 years of imprisonment, were issued in absentia against Russian journalist Michael Nacke and Ruslan Leviev, head of the Conflict Intelligence Team analytical project – recalled the Radio Svoboda portal.

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