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Russia, The Insider: Pancyr-S1 anti-aircraft system at a garbage dump in Moscow

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An additional Pancyr-S1 anti-aircraft system has appeared in a new district of the Russian capital, New Moscow, the independent Russian portal The Insider reported. The equipment was installed in the closed Sałariewo landfill.

Journalists of The Insider portal reported that military operators from time to time put the Pancyr-S1 system in combat position, which is to be visible by the movement of radar and anti-aircraft guns.

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Russian Pancyr-S1 system. Illustrative photoDegtyaryov Andrey / Shutterstock.com

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The equipment was installed in the now closed Sałariewo landfill. Earlier, a radar station was launched in this place. Later, military rooms and fuel canisters appeared there, The Insider reported.

Russian Pancyr anti-aircraft system – material from 2018MO of Russia

Reclaimed garbage mountain

Salarevo is a rehabilitated mountain of garbage, considered the largest landfill of this type in Europe, an independent portal wrote, reminding that the Russian army has been using the landfill since February this year. The first of the objects deployed in this place was the Prima reconnaissance radar, designed to detect and track airborne objects.

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Ukrainian military expert Oleksanr Kovalenko, quoted by The Insider, said that the presence of Prima in this place means the use of a short- or medium-range anti-aircraft system with this radar.

Waste has been landfilled since the 1960s. At the time of its closure in 2007, there was 15 million tons of garbage at the site. Two years later, the area was covered with a special sheet and covered with earth. A decade later, officials promised to build a ski slope on the landfill site.

Pancyr-S1 in the annexed Crimea and near Putin’s residence

The Ukrainian portal focus.ua recalled that in early July there were reports of military facilities that the Russian army had deployed near the premises of the Crimean Titanium factory (the largest producer of titanium dioxide in Eastern Europe) near the city of Armiansk in the annexed Crimea.

Among the objects visible on satellite images was also the Pancyr-S1 system.

In early April, Russian independent media also reported that Pancyr-S1 systems appeared near the official residences of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in Valdai in the Novgorod region, as well as in Novo-Ogaryiv near Moscow.

Main photo source: Degtyaryov Andrey / Shutterstock.com

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