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Russia. The Kremlin censored the protest of the wives of mobilized soldiers. ISW analysis

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On Saturday, a protest was held in Moscow by the wives of mobilized Russian soldiers. The Kremlin censored it, probably with the aim of suppressing the possible resurgence of a broader social movement in favor of Russian soldiers and against the regime, the Institute for War Studies (ISW) wrote in a report.

The American center reminds that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Soviet leaders experienced firsthand the impact of social movements of relatives of Russian soldiers. As such, the Kremlin likely intends to preemptively censor and discredit similar movements before they can have a similar impact.

According to ISW, the president Russia Vladimir Putin may have learned from the Soviet Union’s previous failures to completely censor soldiers’ relatives. So he changed tactics, using limited censorship and discredit to stop these movements from gaining momentum.

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ISW: Russia doubles support for Iran

The American think tank also emphasizes that the Kremlin is doubling its support for Iranas reflected in the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, which condemned the retaliatory attacks carried out by the US on Friday against the targets of Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria.

ISW points out that the spokeswoman Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova described the US strikes as a “blatant act of US-British aggression” and said they showed the “aggressive nature of US policy” and “total disregard for international law.”

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Zakharova also criticized Britain for its involvement in Saturday’s attack on Houthi targets in Yemen and said London “has not yet answered” for its “zeal” in supporting provocative US policy.

ISW analysts emphasize that Russia often invokes international law to undermine legal US actions in the Middle East.


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