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Russia. The plane that accidentally landed in a cornfield near Moscow should be disposed of

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Two years ago, the Airbus A321 of Ural Airlines crashed into a cornfield near Moscow due to engine damage. There were 233 people on board the machine. Nobody died. It was a high-profile case, and the airmen were honored by President Vladimir Putin with the stars of the Hero of Russia. The plane itself, however – as Sergey Skuratov stressed – “is no longer useful” and is subject to disposal.

Skuratov told the RBK portal that the airbus is still located in the square at Zhukovskoye airport near Moscow. – Nobody needs him. It should be disposed of when the investigation protocol (of the accident) is finally signed and the Investigative Committee approves the disposal, added the head of the Ural Airlines.


In mid-August 2019, the airbus A321, flying from Moscow to Simferopol in the Crimea, was forced to emergency landing shortly after take-off from Zhukovskoy airporte. The machine landed, without the landing gear extended, in a cornfield approximately one kilometer from the start of the runway.

Airbus in the corn field. Photo from August 15, 2019 Reuters

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The airline then reported that the plane had collided with a flock of seagulls, which damaged both engines. – We found a significant number of birds in the engines, everything has been documented – said Sergei Skuratov in an interview for RBK.

There were 233 people on board the airbus, including five crew members. Nobody died. Dozens of passengers sustained minor injuries.

Honored pilots

In November 2019, President Vladimir Putin awarded the stars of Hero of Russia to the pilots of the plane. The awards were given to flight commander Damir Yusupov and co-pilot Georgy Murzin. Yusupov said that “he does not consider himself a hero and the decision to land the plane in the field was made after the failure of the second engine.”

The plane was not subject to renovation, it was cut and removed from the field, and insurance compensation reached 46 million dollars – the wicked newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Main photo source: Reuters

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