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Russia. The sailor’s father criticized the authorities after the sinking of the cruiser Moscow, and during the search his laptop was confiscated

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Dmitry Szkriebiec, the father of the deceased sailor from the cruiser Moscow, who accused the authorities of lying about the ship’s sinking, told independent journalists on Friday that during the search, security forces confiscated his laptop. The search was made in connection with “terrorism”.

The man told Current Time (a project by Radio Swoboda and the Voice of America) that “people from the department” took his laptop for an expert opinion. “The equipment was to be confiscated due to” sending e-mails with threats of bomb blasts to various organizations. ”


Szkriebiec heard from officers that messages were sent by a user with a hidden IP address. The father of the deceased sailor was convincing Current Time journalists that he did not send them. He fears that the Russian security forces may launch a criminal case against him for “false terrorism reports”.

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He fears that this might be a way to “silence” him.

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Criticism of the authorities

Moscow missile cruiser sank in the Black Sea April 13 after he was hit by two Ukrainian missiles Neptune. The Russian defense ministry admitted that the ship had sunk, however it argued that it was caused by an ammunition explosion and a fire.

According to various estimates, the number of Moscow’s garrison at the time of the sinking ranged from 416 to 680 people, including, as it turned out later, conscripts. “The vast majority of sailors are probably dead, but the Russian authorities officially recognize them as ‘missing’ and require their parents to sign documents stating that the ship sank as a result of a ‘catastrophe’ and not as a result of hostilities,” Current Time wrote.

Cruiser Moscow – what we know about a sunken Russian vesselTVN24

Dmitry Szkriebiec is the father of the conscript Yegor, who served on the cruiser Moscow and was declared missing after the ship sank. Since then, the man has been trying to find out what happened to his son.

In early May, Szkriebiec received a letter from the prosecutor’s office with answers to questions, which stated that the cruiser Moscow “did not participate in the special operation in Ukraine” and “did not affect Ukrainian territorial waters”. “You keep lying, the most important thing is not to stop. The easier it will be to stop you, nonhumans” – he wrote on the social network VKontaktie.

Moscow cruiser. Archival photo mil.ru

“I do not watch TV”

After Friday’s search, Dmitry Szkriebiec told Current Time that more than 50 days have passed since the sinking of Moscow and “everyone is still silent.” – I do not understand why. We lost our flagship, we lost our men and it looks like nothing happened – he was indignant. “Whatever you touch about cruiser Moscow, there’s silence everywhere. Try to find fresh news on the internet related to this ship. You won’t find anything. I am amazed at this – he said.

The man said he hasn’t been watching TV since April 17. – I feel sick when I turn on the TV channels. I don’t watch TV anymore, I don’t want to watch it. After this hypocrisy, this wicked silence, I can’t forgive them.

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Main photo source: mil.ru

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