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Russia. The unclear fate of Adam Delimkhanov, the “right hand” of Ramzan Kadyrov

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The commander of the Chechen forces fighting in Ukraine, Adam Delimkhanov, was wounded, Russian television Zvezda, controlled by the Moscow defense ministry, reported. She later retracted these reports, and the fate of a close associate of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov remains unclear. According to Ukrainian soldiers, he died in the Zaporizhia region as a result of shelling.

Russian State Duma deputy Adam Delimchanov, fighting against Ukrainian forces in Donbasswas injured, Zvezda TV, controlled by the Moscow Defense Ministry, reported on Wednesday. The station cited the press service of the lower house of the Russian parliament. Later the message was changed. There was information that the reports about the wounded Delimchan “have not been confirmed by anyone”.

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Earlier on Wednesday, political scientist Kyrilo Sazonov, who fights in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces, reported that Delimkhanov was killed in an attack by Ukrainian special forces in Prymorsk in the Zaporizhia region. Sazonov claimed that about 200 people were killed along with the Chechen commander moving in the convoy. Their bodies were to be transported by helicopters to Russia in great haste. According to Sazonov, this means that the Russians wanted to keep the effects of the attack secret.

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Adam Delimchanow (pictured in the middle) Reuters

Delimkhanov is considered a close associate of Kadyrov

Adam Delimchanow

Kadyrov ‘unable to contact’ ‘dear brother’

On the Telegram channel, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that he “cannot contact Delimkhanov.” He offered Ukrainian military intelligence “a generous reward for knowing exactly where the attack took place and what positions were hit, so that he could find his dear brother.”

Kadyrov’s words may look like sarcasm, the Russian section of Radio Svoboda admitted. In the first entry, the Chechen leader did not deny the reports of Delimkhanov’s death or injury on the Ukrainian front. In another, he announced that Delimkhanov was “alive and healthy”.

According to State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov, “Delimkhanov spoke on the phone with the speaker of the lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, and allegedly told him that he was “alive and doing well.”

Concern in the Kremlin

The Russian daily “Kommersant” quoted the president’s spokesman Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, who claimed that “in the Kremlin they are concerned because of reports that Delimkhanov may have been injured.”

“We received this information with great concern. We are worried, like everyone else, about the Hero of Russia. We hope that in the near future there will be updated information about what happened, ”he told reporters Dmitry Peskov. As he stated, the Ukrainian media, from which reports about Delimchanów come, constantly disseminate “untrue data”.

Delimkhanov, 53, is considered Ramzan Kadyrov’s right-hand man. Previously, he worked in the security service of Kadyrov’s father, the mufti of Chechnya.

Hero of Russia

Sanctioned USA Delimkhanov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia in April 2022, after the capture of Mariupol by Russian troops, Radio Svoboda recalled. The Chechen appeared in the recordings of the storming of this city in the Donetsk region, but according to independent Russian media, he was not directly involved in the fighting.

On June 12, Russian official sources reported that Delimkhanov met with the governor of the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, Vyacheslav Gladkov. The meeting concerned the redeployment of the Chechen Akhmat battalion from the front in the Ukrainian Donbas to the Belgorod region in order to “protect the Russian border”.

Main photo source: Reuters

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