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Russia. The Wagnerians took Rostov-on-Don. “Discussion of power structures” and fear fatigue

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The inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don, where, according to the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the mercenaries occupied the headquarters of the Southern Military District without a fight, said on Saturday that the situation in the “occupied” city for several hours was calm, although at the same time very unclear – wrote the independent Russian portal Meduza . There was a feeling of resignation in the relations of the inhabitants.

Kirill, quoted by Meduza, said that the inhabitants had no reliable information about what was happening. His friends, he said, received instructions from their superiors in the morning to stay at home, and so they did.

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Kirill said that if the authorities decide to use aviation or long-range weapons against the Wagnerians, “it will be terrible.” “How do you know that if a man goes to a neighborhood, there won’t be an uncontrolled shooting?” he asked rhetorically.

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Sergei told Meduza that he wasn’t really afraid because in the last few years people just got tired of being afraid. – I have a foreign passport, I have savings and if necessary I sit on suitcases – he announced. He admitted that he is very ambivalent about Prigozhin, because on the one hand it seems that he “pushes the truth (straight into the eyes – ed.)”, but on the other “his hands are covered in blood” because he participated in the fights in Ukraine.

The Wagnerians took Rostov-on-DonPAP/EPA/ARKADY BUDNITSKY

According to him, it cannot be ruled out that the current situation was arranged by the authorities to justify the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. It is also possible that it will only end with a change of some people in positions – he said.

– If he himself (i.e. Prigozhin – ed.) comes to power, it will be a military dictatorship, which is even worse than further slow tightening of the screw by Putin – he assessed.

“For the second year I don’t believe in anything and I don’t expect anything”

Nikolai said he called all his friends in town to find out what was going on with them. From these conversations it appeared that the military equipment of the Wagner Group was indeed in the center, but it was quiet.

Ivan also said that it was very quiet, although he can see policemen and people in military uniforms from the window. According to him, it was not known what was going on, but “this is just a ‘discussion’ of power structures.” “I think they’ll come to a compromise quickly and part ways.” No one needs tension in the region. (…) What can be done? We sit and wait,” he said in the early afternoon.

– I refer (to the current situation – ed.) as to everything that happens: suspiciously. It seems to me that they can distract us from much worse stuff going on somewhere else. Hard to say. For the second year I do not believe in anything and do not expect anything, ”said Anastasia.

The Wagnerian rebellion and the march on Moscow

On Friday, the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced that troops of the regular Russian army had attacked the Wagner camp, resulting in numerous deaths. He announced that he intended to “restore justice” in the armed forces and called for no opposition to him.

Vladimir Putin called the soldiers of the mercenary Wagner Group traitors and assured that the rebels would be held accountable to the law and the nation, and Russia will be defended. Prigozhin declared on Saturday after Vladimir Putin’s speech that his fighters would not give up in the fight against the regular Russian army.

The Wagnerians entered Rostov-on-Don in the morning, a few hours later they were already in Voronezh, 500 km from Moscow, and finally – in the early evening – they stopped only 200 km from the capital of the country. It was then that Prigozhin ordered a retreat, and at the same time Belarus reported that through Alyaksandr Lukashenko, an agreement between the Kremlin and the Wagnerians was signed.

The agency Ria Novosti reported after 22 Moscow time (21. in Poland) that Prigozhin’s mercenaries left the headquarters of the Russian troops in Rostov-on-Don, and the city was calm.

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