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Russia. This is how Vladimir Putin is beating the West. Turks help in circumventing sanctions

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Journalists from “The Wall Street Journal” reported about circumventing sanctions and importing nitrocellulose from Western countries. As reported, in 2022 import of this explosive to Russia increased by over 70 percent. Last year, over 3,000 tons of it were imported into the country.

This issue is crucial because now There are significant shortages of this material on the global market. Due to shortages clearly ammunition production in countries was slowed down NATO.

Russia celebrates sanctions. The trail leads through Turkey

The practice is successful thanks to exploitation Turkish company Noy Ic Ve Dis Ti.caret. It is intended to be an intermediary between the West and Russia.

Turks buy nitrocellulose, among others. from the German branch of the American company International Flavors & Fragrances and Taiwan's TNC Industrial. Then, the explosive material is to be sent to Russian factories producing ammunition for the war against Ukraine.

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In a conversation with “WSJ” journalists, company owners stated that: they were not aware of where their product would ultimately go. At the same time, they emphasized that the nitrocellulose produced had too low a nitrogen content to be used for military purposes.

Experts who are sure that have a completely different opinion it can be used in the production of ammunition.

Russian import of nitrocellulose. Washington responds

The authorities reacted quickly to the results of the journalistic investigation United States. The Department of Commerce decided o adding nitrocellulose to the list of high priority controlled goods.

At the same time, the Treasury Department warned that will impose severe sanctions on institutions and banksthat will finance trade in this commodity.

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