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Russia. Trans-Siberian Railway damaged. Success of Ukrainian partisans

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The guerrillas reported the successful attack on social media. “Atesh agents managed to carry out a successful action on the line Trans-Siberian Railway Near Yekaterinburg. As a result of it a railway line was blown upwhich was used to deliver North Korean ammunition,” it was written.

“We want to remind you once again that the railway will explode even more often when ammunition is transported” – added.

While reporting the details of the action, the guerrillas said that information about the explosion initially appeared in local media. However, it was removed after several dozen minutes, and on site officers of the regional office of the Federal Security Service appearedOnly after investigators had carried out the necessary work did the renovation team begin repairs.

War in Ukraine. Guerrillas operate deep in Russia

Atesh guerrilla movementso far operating mainly on Crimeain last weeks significantly increased activity deep inside the Russian Federation. This is evidenced by subsequent reports published on social media.

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On July 4, the partisans reported the discovery Ch-22 missile storage for Tu-22M3 aircraft. The object was detected in the Leningrad region. The missiles from there are most often sent to the “So┼éce” airport, where Russian bombers used in attacks on the territory are stationed. Ukrainy.

“Near there is a huge amount of military equipment in the hangarso. Ammunition and other weapons are being transported there. Detailed information about guard service, movement of equipment and personnel has been transferred to the Ukrainian Defense Forces,” the statement said.

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