Russia. Two state-of-the-art Russian Su-57 fighters hit


Two Su-57 Felon multi-role fighters were hit at the Akhtubinsk airport in the Astrakhan Oblast in Russia, said Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukrainian military intelligence, on Wednesday. Earlier, intelligence reported that one such machine had been hit.

– We have not officially commented on whose operation this is, so analysts can make their own assumptions. And as for confirming the damage, we can say that one Su-57 (code FOR THIS – Felon) is significantly damaged, and the other one is less damaged – Andriy Yusov said on Wednesday on public television.

A representative of Ukrainian military intelligence confirmed that for the first time two Su-57 fighters, which are the “pride” of the Russian space forces, were hit at a Russian airport, 600 km away from the front line.

Yusov also said that the number of Su-57 fighters operated by the Russian army is “less than ten.”

Tears and stains

Military intelligence in Kiev first reported to Fr the hit of the most modern Russian Su-57 Falon fighter on Sunday. He then stated that it was one machine. “On June 8, a multi-role Russian Su-57 fighter was hit at the Akhtobinsk airfield in the Astrakhan Oblast. This is evidenced by satellite photos of aircraft stationed there,” the intelligence statement said at the time.

Photos purporting to show the Akhtubinsk airport and a destroyed Su-57 fighter

“The photos show that the Su-57 was still intact on June 7, and the next day holes appeared around it indicating explosions and characteristic spots resulting from fire after being hit,” the intelligence agency said.

Repair cost

On Tuesday, Andriy Yusov announced that “there are reports of a possible hit of two Su-57s, as well as of dead and wounded Russian soldiers who were at the airport at that time.”

Authorities Russia So far, they have not officially commented on the reports regarding the hit of Su-57 fighters. The fact that one such machine was damaged has so far been confirmed by two pro-Kremlin Telegram channels. Fighterbomber (with sources in the military aviation) wrote that the airport in Akhtubinsk was attacked by three drones.

The Rybar Telegram channel, in turn, estimated that the Su-57 fighter was seriously damaged and the cost of its repair would be “comparable to the construction of shelters for aircraft at all airports in Russia used for attacks on Ukraine.”

Russian Su-57 fighter. Illustrative photo

– Russia has always called the Su-57 plane one of the best in the world – Ukrainian military analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko told the independent Russian television Nastoyashchee Vremya. – At the same time, Russia was unable to protect this plane in any way from trivial drones: it was hit 600 kilometers from the battle line. This is not the best example of protecting and taking care of your unique equipment, the analyst said.

Ukrainian intelligence reported that the Su-57 is the most modern Russian fifth-generation fighter that can carry Kh-59 and Kh-69 missiles.

Fears of being shot down

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Ilya Yevlash explained to journalists that Su-57 planes were used to attack Ukraine only a few times because the Russians did not want to risk the Ukrainians shooting down these machines in the air.

Yevlash also said that the Kh-69 missiles that can be fired by Su-57 planes are quite a close version of the Kh-59 missiles that are launched from Su-34 or Su-35 fighters during systematic attacks on Ukraine.

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