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Russia. Ukraine attacked in Belgorod. They used an airplane for the first time

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Ukrainian military plane first time hit in target in the territory Russia – reports the British Sky News television, citing a Ukrainian source in the Armed Forces.

According to information, the attack took place in the area Belgorodand it suffered damage “Russian command center”.

This confirms previous reports. Local residents claimed that in the bordering with Ukraine circuit explosions are heard. According to them, the explosion occurred in Russian ammunition depot.

Russia: Ukraine boasts of “direct hit”. This is the first such case

– Although damage assessment is still being carried out, it has already been confirmed direct hit – says the Sky News interlocutor.

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The British emphasize that it is not known exactly what ammunition was used in the attack, or whether it was a Western weapon. According to TV it is the first case of a missile being fired from the air at a target on Russian territory.

The Russian side is silent, but it spoke earlier Governor of the Belgorod Oblast, Vyacheslav Gladkov. According to him, he came close to the military “enemy drone”and three soldiers were injured.

“Coordinated attack.” Kyiv destroyed a Russian landing ship

The Sky News whistleblower also claims that Ukrainian forces carried out “coordinated attack” on a Russian landing shipwhich recently entered the Sea of ​​Azov from the Black Sea.

According to the interlocutor, this is the fifth Russian unit that was sunk or “neutralized” as a result of attacks by the Ukrainian military. There are supposed to be ships used for transporting ammunition to occupied Mariupol and then on to the front.

– Ten successful attack shows the Russians that they cannot operate freely neither in the Black Sea nor in the east, the informant says. – Preventing the delivery of Russian ammunition and key military materials will directly support Ukrainian forces in their long-term fight – adds the Sky News interlocutor.

Ukraine got the green light. They can attack Russia with Western weapons

Recently, among others: US and French authorities allowed Kiev to use Western weapons to attacks on military facilities on Russian territory from which the occupiers carry out attacks.

According to White House guidelines, American ammunition may be used on Russian territory only to defend Kharkov.

Source: Sky News, Unian

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