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Russia-Ukraine conflict. British and Czech services warn against cyber attacks

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Due to the tense situation around Ukraine, the British National Cybersecurity Center is calling on companies to check their computer security. The Czech National Cybersecurity and Information Security Authority (NUKIB) also warns that the Czech Republic is under threat from cyber attacks.

The British National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) called on companies on Friday to check their computer security over concerns about the possibility of new Russian cyber attacks amid the tense situation around Ukraine.

“Although we are not aware of any specific cyber threats to British companies in connection with the events in Ukraine, we are closely monitoring the situation,” said Paul Chichester, NCSC chief operating officer.


“It is very important that companies follow the guidelines to ensure their resilience. Over the years we have seen a pattern of hostile behavior by Russia in cyberspace,” he added.

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He pointed out that the hallmarks of such actions are the cyberattack on more than 70 Ukrainian government websites, which took place on January 14. Experts from the NCSC are helping the Ukrainian authorities to determine who is responsible for carrying out this attack.

“Although the government does not assign anyone responsibility for the recent cyber incidents in Ukraine, NCSC is investigating them diligently. Incidents of this nature are similar to the pattern of Russian behavior seen earlier in previous situations,” he added.

NCSC warns against cyber attacks

In recent weeks, the NCSC has already warned operators of critical infrastructure such as energy, water, transport and telecommunications networks, and healthcare facilities about specific weaknesses known to be exploited by Russian hackers. Based on experience in Ukraine, NCSC believes that energy and transport networks may be the most vulnerable to attack.

British and Czech services warn against cyber attacksShutterstock

Concerns that great Britain It may also fall victim to the Russian cyberattack because it actively supports the authorities in Kiev – both diplomatic and in the form of the transferred military equipment and weapons.

Czech services warn against cyber attacks

The Czech National Cybersecurity and Information Security Authority (NUKIB) also warns that Czech Republic is threatened with cyber attacks in connection with the situation around Ukraine.

According to NUKIB, attacks may also target data from strategic state institutions or critical IT infrastructure. The Office emphasizes that tensions related to the situation in Eastern Europe are intensifying in cyberspace and the risk of cyber attacks on the Czech Republic is increasing.

According to experts, cyberespionage is not only dealt with by state-backed groups, but also by criminal groups that use ransomware malware. Such programs block access to the IT system, thanks to which cybercriminals can demand a ransom to run it.

NUKIB recommended system administrators to increase caution, change access passwords, perform backups, control websites for any changes that may occur, and inform users about the threat.

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