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Russia-Ukraine conflict. Reuters: Western warnings affect the Ukrainian economy

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The president of Ukraine wants weapons and loans in connection with problems in relations with Moscow, reports the Reuters agency. However, Volodymyr Zelensky no longer wants more warnings from the West, which only result in panic that Russia is going to attack soon.

Western leaders – including the president USA Joe Biden and the Prime Minister Great Britain Boris Johnson – have been warning for weeks of the threat of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine after Moscow gathered troops at the border.


The Kremlin says it has no intention of launching an attack, arguing that it can deploy and train its own troops on its territory as it sees fit.

Russia is transferring military equipment to BelarusPAP / EPA / RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE

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Western warnings have an impact on the Ukrainian economy

In turn, warnings against the attack caused the Ukrainian currency to drop to the lowest level since February 2015, and the bonds significantly depreciated in January, the Reuters agency points out.

– Frequent and uneasy messages in the media about how the great war will start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow threaten the economy – said the adviser to the president’s chief of staff, Mykhailo Podolak. – These speculations put pressure on investors and ordinary people. It also worsens other economic indicators – he added.

Reuters: Zelensky frustrated by Biden’s wartime speech

A Reuters source said the president Zelensky in his recent interview with Joe Biden he downplayed the risk of a Russian attack and focused instead on the Ukrainian economy.

He made it clear on Friday that he was frustrated by Biden’s war speech, according to Reuters. “I understand very well what is happening in our country, just as Biden has a deep understanding of what is happening in the United States,” he said shortly. – Do we have tanks on our streets? No. But the media shows that the war is still going on. We don’t need this panic, ‘he added.

Volodymyr ZelenskyTwitter @ZelenskyyUa

When Washington announced in early January that families of American diplomats were being evacuated, it prompted other countries to follow suit. Ukrainian officials have publicly criticized this step as premature. “The additional billions that we can spend on the army will not help if we lose balance and economic stability,” Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told parliament on Friday.

Washington is sympathetic to Ukraine’s actions

One of Zelensky’s senior advisers told Reuters that what he called “hysteria” forced Kiev to take out a five-billion-dollar loan.

In Ukraine, they still remember the economic problems it experienced eight years ago, when Russia occupied Crimea. But analysts say the Ukrainian economy is now more resilient, and a high-ranking official told Reuters that government ministers, the central bank and the president held numerous meetings to bring the market under control.


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