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Russia-Ukraine conflict. What can stop Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine? Ukraine’s ambassador to Poland points out

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The country’s ambassador to Poland, Andriy Deszczyca, spoke about the threat of Russian aggression against Ukraine in “One for One”. Ukraine is prepared for the worst situation, he said. When asked what sanctions could convince Vladimir Putin to stop, Deszczyca said that “the first thing is to stop Nord Stream 2”.

Russia has concentrated over 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine. Experts and Western countries talk about the growing threat of Russian aggression against this country.


Ukraine’s ambassador to Poland, Andriy Deshchytsia, said that his country “is prepared for the worst situation to develop, including a possible military invasion by Russia.”

– It’s not that we do nothing, but we try to reassure the society that there is no need to panic. We have been at war with Russia for eight years, and the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border as far as the number of Russian soldiers is concerned is more or less the same as it was in April last year, he added.

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However, he stressed that “we must be prepared for any possible development” of the situation. Deszczyca added that “this scenario is not excluded, but it is unlikely in the coming weeks as diplomatic talks are scheduled at a fairly high level.” – We expect that during these talks, as long as diplomatic channels are open, there will be no invasion – said the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland.

When asked what sanctions could convince Vladimir Putin to stop, Deszczyca said that “first we have to stop Nord Stream 2, because it seems that this is such a litmus paper”.

– Then economic sanctions against the largest Russian companies that do business in the world and which support the regime in Moscow, personal sanctions against Russian politicians and the disconnection of Russia from banking systems – he mentioned.

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