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Russia-Ukraine. Strengthening NATO’s eastern flank. American F-15 fighters landed in Estonia

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Six US F-15 fighters landed in Estonia, reports the Reuters agency. The machines will stay there for a week and a half. This is an element of NATO’s strengthening of its presence on the Alliance’s eastern flank in the face of tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

On Wednesday, at the Amari air base in Estonia six US F-15 fighters landed. A spokesman for the base said the machines will remain there until the end of next week.

The NATO Air Force Command announced that the fighters will strengthen NATO’s Baltic Air Policing operation, which consists in patrolling the airspace of three Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Reuters points out that these countries do not have their own fighters and rely entirely on NATO forces to protect their airspace.

On Monday, the North Atlantic Alliance issued a communiquéin which he reported that the forces of states FOR THIS “are going on alert and sending additional ships and fighters to bases in eastern Europe, thus enhancing deterrence and Allied defense as Russia continues to build up forces around Ukraine“.

However, the statement did not mention the deployment of US fighters in Estonia, notes Reuters.

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Russia threatening Ukraine with an invasion, has consistently accused NATO countries and their allies of escalating tensions for weeks. Western politicians emphasize that they want to find a peaceful way out of the situation, and it was Russia that led to a huge increase in tension in Europe.

American F-15 fighter (illustrative photo) VALDA KALINA / EPA / PAP

In recent days, numerous NATO members have announced additional support in the face of Russia’s aggressive stance. The alliance announced that on Thursday Denmark will send four F-16 fighters to the Siauliai base in northern Lithuania.

“The fighters will cooperate with other allied countries as part of air-to-air and air-to-ground maneuvers as a supplement to the Air Policing mission,” the NATO Air Force Command said in a press release.

The US has put in 8,500 soldiers on standby – the boss informed on Monday Pentagon John Kirby. He explained that selected units would be shipped to Europe if activated by FOR THIS The Alliance Response Force faced the build-up of Russian troops near the borders with Ukraine. The contingent would include, inter alia, brigade combat teams (BCT), logistic, medical, aviation and intelligence forces.


US President Joe Biden said on Tuesdaythat some of the 8.5 US troops on standby could be transferred “in the near term” to be able to arrive quickly in Europe. However, he stressed that no American troops would be deployed in Ukraine itself.

Threat of conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Russia has so far denied planning an invasion of Ukraine, but has not withdrawn the over 100,000 troops gathered near its borders with Ukraine. In response to the West’s demands for the de-escalation of tensions, it has presented a list of “security guarantees” proposals, in which it demands that the US and NATO countries not accept Ukraine into the Alliance, and that they withdraw contingents from member states in Eastern Europe.

On Tuesday evening, Russian authorities announced the start maneuvers of the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea in the Arctic, and on Monday – about the exercises of the Baltic Fleet in the Baltic Sea. Last Thursday, the Russian defense ministry announced navy maneuvers with the participation of 140 ships, over 60 aircraft and 10,000 aircraft for January and February. military that will be carried out in the Mediterranean, North and Okhotsk seas and in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

PAP / Reuters / Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: VALDA KALINA / EPA / PAP

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