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Monday, July 4, 2022

Russia – Ukraine. The Ukrainians have destroyed the fuel shipment for the Russian army. They also blew up railway junctions

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A representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs informed that the Ukrainian artillery destroyed a transport with fuel for the Russian army. – Thanks to this, the armed forces stopped the enemy from moving to Kiev from the east – said Anton Heraszchenko. Earlier, the Ukrainian army blew up all railway junctions connecting the Ukrainian and Russian railways.

According to Anton Heraszczenko, on Saturday morning a train from Russia with fuel arrived at the Nyzkivka station in the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine, which was to be delivered to the Russian troops advancing from Chernihiv-Sumy. Local residents shared this information with the armed forces via social media.

– Our artillerymen acted and blew up a train with fuel for the army of the invaders – stated Heraszczenko and added: witnesses inform that there was a sea of ​​fire on the spot. According to the NV.ua portal, 56 tanks were destroyed there.

Tvn24.pl report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

“Russian train, fuck you”

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The Ukrainian Pravda portal, citing the press office of Ukrainian Railways, previously announced on Saturday that the Ukrainian army blew up all railway junctions connecting Ukrainian and Russian railways. The purpose of this action by the soldiers was to prevent the delivery of military equipment and other soldiers to the Russian army by rail.

– Since the tracks to Russia are dismantled and will not be laid soon, the Ukrainian armed forces actually stopped the enemy from moving to Kiev from the east – continued the representative of the Ministry of the Interior. – It remains to destroy the enemy group in Hostoml and the aggressor will be driven away from the capital! – wrote Herashchenko. The Russians asked to restore connections with the central headquarters of the Ukrainian Railways, allegedly for humanitarian purposes. They received the answer from Ukrainian communicators: “Russian train, fuck you” – Ukrainian Pravda reported.

The quote is a reference to Russian the attack on Snake Islandwhich has become the “symbol of resistance” of the Ukrainians.

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Main photo source: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS / Forum

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