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Russia-Ukraine. Tomasz Siemoniak: this is the shift of the threat to Poland and the West

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Vladimir Putin thinks in such categories as during the Cold War – assessed Tomasz Siemoniak, KO MP and former Minister of National Defense on TVN24. He added that Russia’s possible aggression against Ukraine would “shift the border between Poland and the West”.

The situation around Ukraine remains tense. Moscow has gathered over 100,000 soldiers near the border and accuses Kiev of intending to resolve the conflict in Donbas “by force”. At the same time, Russian troops are being redeployed to Belarus before unannounced maneuvers near the Ukrainian border. Russia also conducts naval maneuvers in the Baltic, Barents and Black seas.


Siemoniak: Putin thinks in terms such as during the Cold War

Tomasz Siemoniak, KO MP, former Minister of National Defense spoke about the actions of Vladimir Putin in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24.

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He pointed out that the president of Russia “considers Ukraine and Belarus to be part of great Russia and cannot accept the fact that Ukraine has been going its own way for many years.” – That is why he is trying in various ways to force her to submission, to remain in the Russian sphere of interest. Putin thinks in terms such as during the Cold War that there are zones of interest and there should be some zone of interest for Russia – said the TVN24 guest.

Putin – he added – “is trying to come back to it, but does not accept the fact that as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, independent states were created with their own authorities and they want to go their own way.”

When asked what consequences for Poland would be brought about by possible military aggression by Russia against Ukraine, he replied: – This is a shift in the border between Poland and the West.

– It is a question of a million or more refugees who can flee from Ukraine via Poland or to Poland. The closeness of various Russian military installations to the Polish borders. Ukraine’s lack of independence is a threat to Poland. This is a primer of Polish geopolitics – emphasized Siemoniak.

Siemoniak: It is disqualifying, it is out of my mind

Head of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk at the Thursday press conference, he said that news agencies in Europe had announced “about a meeting in which Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is also to participate”. He said it was “a de facto meeting of the anti-Ukrainian international” to be held in Madrid. It is to be attended by, among others, Marine Le Pen, who publicly praised the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Later Morawiecki in the Seym he attacked Tusk and stated that the European People’s Party under his leadership was “responsible for the fact that Russia has a very specific instrument of blackmail today”. However, he did not want to answer journalists’ questions, including those about the meeting in Madrid.

– This is a scandal, a betrayal of Polish interests. How is it possible at such a moment, in such a situation in Europe, to participate in such a congress, where Putin’s friends gather, politicians who conduct pro-Russian politics? This is some kind of catastrophe. I am not surprised that Prime Minister Morawiecki is attacking so nervously, because Donald Tusk hit him painfully. This is disqualifying, it is out of my mind – commented Siemoniak on TVN24.

He assessed that it was “no strategy, no idea for foreign policy”, and “PiS is a hostage to its anti-European policy conducted for years”.

– Prime Minister Morawiecki is defending very poorly. Such an obsession with Donald Tusk that he is responsible for everything in the world and in Europe is completely unfounded. PiS has been in power for six years. Blowing everything on Donald Tusk is a kind of obsession – added the former head of the Ministry of National Defense.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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