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Russia – visit of Xi Jinping. Last words to Putin: changes are taking place that have not been seen in a hundred years

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Changes are taking place now that have not been seen in a hundred years. When we are together, we lead these changes,” said Xi Jinping, saying goodbye to Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. His words, translated into Russian by the Chinese leader’s interpreter, were recorded by cameras standing nearby.

It ended on Wednesday Xi Jinping’s two-day visit to Moscow. During the meeting, the Chinese leader reiterated his assurances of a “comprehensive, strategic partnership” with China, repeated for a year Russiahowever, he still did not openly support the unleashed by Vladimir Putin war in Ukraine.

Xi says goodbye to Putin

Reporters’ attention was drawn to the last words with which Xi said goodbye to the Russian leader on Tuesday evening before leaving for the hotel. “Changes are taking place now that have not been seen in a hundred years. When we are together, we are in charge of these changes” – you can hear his words translated into Russian repeated by the interpreter. Vladimir Putin he agreed with them, and then he was told: “Please take care of yourself, dear friend.”

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With these words, the Chinese leader turned and walked towards the limousine, still being bid farewell by Putin standing on the pavement. Since the context of the conversation is unknown, it is not clear what exactly the changes the Chinese leader was talking about. However, these words are perceived by commentators as a form of emphasizing China’s common front with Russia against Western countries.

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“Friendship” between Xi and Putin

During the two-day talks in Moscow, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin consistently called each other friends, promised to deepen economic cooperation and assured that their relations were better than ever. Xi and Putin also signed a joint statement on “deepening a comprehensive strategic coordination partnership in a new era.” In it, they stated that China’s relations with Russia do not constitute a “political-military alliance that was created during the Cold War”, but are “superior to such cooperation.” Putin also announced an increase in the supply of energy resources to China.

However, experts are not convinced to what extent the presented closeness of the two leaders is true. Attention is often drawn to the fact that Xi and Putin do not know any common language in which they could talk comfortably. As a result, all their conversations must be through interpreters, making it difficult to establish a real relationship.

Chinese leader in Russia

With his two-day visit to Moscow, Xi Jinping showed solidarity with Vladimir Putin and became the first foreign leader to visit him after the release by International Criminal Court warrant for the arrest of the Russian leader for war crimes committed in Ukraine. The leaders of China and Russia jointly criticized in the course of it US foreign policyamong others because of the AUKUS agreement between the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

However, Xi Jinping made almost no mention of the war in Ukraine in his official statements, and there is no indication that his efforts to become a peacemaker in this conflict have had any effect, notes the Reuters agency.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA – Pavel Byrkin / SPUTNIK / KREMLIN POOL

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