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Russia. Vladimir Putin on German tanks in Ukraine: Moral shock

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The Russian leader was asked, among other things, about the result of the November presidential elections in the US, which, in his opinion, will not result in a sudden change in policy towards Moscow.

He added that the accusations against Donald Trump of spying for Moscow are “nonsense”. By the way, he referred to the candidate's lawsuits Republican Party. – Prosecuting Trump for events that happened a long time ago is abuse of the judicial system in politics – he said.

Russia. Vladimir Putin on the “Ukraine attack”

Vladimir Putin noted that the conviction of the former American president led to an increase in his popularity. – This shows that Americans do not believe in their justice system – he said.

The Russian leader was asked about the war with Ukraine. He replied that his country “did not attack anyone” and that they were the provocateurs of the “coup in Ukraine”. United States. He reminded that The events of 2014 were the precursor to the conflict and non-recognition of the referendum in Crimea.

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– Kyiv used weapons against peaceful citizens in the east of the country, Putin continued, repeating similar theses several times. He stated that the Kremlin was deceived by the West regarding the Minsk agreements.

Russia. Vladimir Putin on relations with Germany. “Moral shock”

Speaking of war Vladimir Putin he spoke about being surprised by Berlin's actions. – German tanks in Ukraine were a moral shock for Russians – he emphasized. He said that providing Western weapons to Kiev is a “very dangerous step.”

If the German rockets reach Russia, it will destroy relations between states, he continued. Putin also allowed himself to refer to history. Western Germany after World War II – in his opinion – they were not a sovereign state.

The Russian leader noted that Berlin was under influence Washington. – It is strange that none of the German leaders defends the state's interests – he noted.

Russia. Vladimir Putin on “symmetrical response”

In response to journalists' questions, Putin announced the continuation of military exercises with China. He also emphasized close cooperation with Iran. Next threatened Western countries in case of an attack on Russia.

– If the West allows Ukraine to hit Russia with high-tech long-range missiles, we will strengthen air defense – assured the politician. He mentioned that he was talking about, among others, enemy Storm Shadow missiles and the ATACMS missile system.

He added that such actions could undermine international and security relations. Putin assured that Moscow is prepared for a “symmetrical response”.

Vladimir Putin on Ukraine's losses. The number is gone

The Russian leader stated that Kyiv suffered much greater losses during the war. – Ukrainian starts are 50,000. per month – said the politician. This number refers to both the dead and the wounded.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia is currently holding almost 6,500 people. prisoners. At the same time, Ukrainians are supposed to hold less than 1.4 thousand people in captivity. Russian soldiers.

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