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Russia. Vladimir Putin spent his vacation in Siberia. He watched bear lairs, fished, stayed in a tent in the taiga

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Vladimir Putin spent a short vacation in Siberia, where he wandered and caught fish. The President of Russia was accompanied by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Together they watched the bears’ lairs, fished and stayed overnight in a tent in the taiga.

In a statement on Sunday, the Kremlin said Putin stopped in Siberia after a business trip in the Russian Far East. The president’s press service has made available photos of Putin, among others, fishing and walking in the backwoods of Siberia.


Putin spent his vacation in SiberiaALEXEI DRUZHININ / PAP / EPA

Vladimir Putin was accompanied by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during his several-day vacation. They both visited the Sajano-Szuszeński nature reserve, where they encountered a herd of marala, large noble deer. Putin told reporters that the animals were running straight towards the car in which he was driving from Shoigu. – And at such speed! And what jumps! They could compete at the Olympics. Nobody would be their equal, the Russian president told journalists, not hiding his emotions.

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The head of the reserve, Gennady Kisiev, showed Vladimir Putin the bear lairs, saying that about 600 of these predators live in the area. He also showed recordings on the phone from forest cameras showing snow leopard kittens, as well as a bear hunting ibex.

Putin and Shoygu rest in Siberia ALEXEI DRUZHININ / PAP / EPA

Caught pike

In the taiga, Putin also caught fish and demonstrated his achievements, showing, among other things, a large pike caught with a fishing rod. – We did not weigh it, but there was fish soup – said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, when asked about the “fate” of the specimen.

Putin and Shoygu fished in various places – both in a fairly narrow, turbulent river, where the president cast his fishing rod while standing knee-deep in the water, and from boats in deeper places, the TASS agency reported. They both stopped overnight in the taiga, built a fire and pitched tents.

Putin recently rested in Siberia with Shoigu in March this year. The minister of defense accompanied the president during his vacation in the taiga also in October 2019.

Putin with a fishing rod in his hand ALEXEI DRUZHININ / PAP / EPA

Putin’s self-isolation

In mid-September, Vladimir Putin announced that he would have to spend several days in self-isolation after dozens of people around him fell ill with COVID-19 – reminded the Reuters agency. For this reason, the Russian leader was forced to cancel his personal participation, inter alia, in the Collective Security Treaty Organization summit in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe.

Siberian rest of the Russian head of state ALEXEI DRUZHININ / PAP / EPA

“Putin cultivated the image of a macho that appealed to many Russians. Previously, he was depicted on a horse, wearing sunglasses, and with a hunting rifle. This time, however, his trip was more down-to-earth,” Reuters agency reported in September.

Main photo source: ALEXEI DRUZHININ / PAP / EPA

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