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Russia. Vladimir Putin to diplomats about opening Russia to dialogue

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President Vladimir Putin made a statement on Russia’s foreign policy during the ceremony of accepting credentials from ambassadors of 17 countries, including the United States and the European Union.

Vladimir Putin he said Russia it is “open” to dialogue with all countries and does not intend to isolate itself. He also argued that his country “has no preconceived and hostile intentions towards anyone.”

“Our country will continue to act as one of the sovereign centers of world politics and will carry out the historic mission of maintaining global balance,” Putin said.

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Putin accuses the United States

The Russian leader admitted that the current relations between Moscow and Washington are “in a deep crisis”, which “is based on fundamentally different approaches to shaping the modern world order.”

As reported by the Reuters agency, Putin told the new ambassador USA in Russia, Lynne Tracy during a ceremony in the Kremlin that it is “US support for the revolution in Ukraine in 2014 led to the current situation where Russia and Ukraine are in conflict.”

The meeting was also attended by the EU ambassador Roland Halharague. Addressing him, Putin accused the European Union of “initiating a geopolitical confrontation with Russia.”

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