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Russia. Vladimir Putin’s conversation with Joe Biden. Kremlin statement

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The situation in Ukraine was the dominant topic of talks between the presidents of Russia and the US, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, the Kremlin said in a statement after the meeting. Putin “expressed serious concern at the provocative actions” of the authorities in Kiev towards the Donbass. According to the Russian side, referring to bilateral relations, the two leaders assessed that “the state of cooperation is still unsatisfactory”.

The Kremlin’s communiqué was published more than two hours after the end of the presidents’ video-link conversation, which lasted about two hours. The Russian side published only the frames from the opening of the meeting, during which Putin delivered the words of welcome. It was not stated whether Russian leaders were accompanied by his associates during the talks. The spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, had previously announced that the presidents’ meeting would take place without the media and that Putin would not speak after the meeting.


Kremlin: the situation in Ukraine is the main topic of talks

In a statement by the Kremlin, following the talks between presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, it was stated that “the dominant place in the conversation was occupied by the issues related to the intra-Ukrainian crisis”. Russia calls this the conflict in Donbas to which pro-Russian separatists are a party. Putin, Moscow said, had provided Biden with examples of “Kiev’s destructive policy aimed at completely dismantling the Minsk agreements” and “expressed serious concern over Kiev’s provocative actions against the Donbass.”

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For his part, “Biden outlined the actions in the form of sanctions that the US and its allies would be ready to apply in the event of further escalation” related to the activity of Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders, the Russian side said. It added that Putin replied that “responsibility should not be shifted onto the shoulders of Russia, because it is NATO that is making dangerous attempts to develop Ukrainian territory” and that it “strengthens the military potential near Russia’s borders.”

“For this reason, Russia is seriously interested in obtaining reliable legal guarantees that exclude the expansion of NATO to the east and the deployment of offensive weapons systems in neighboring countries,” reads the Kremlin’s press release.

“The state of cooperation is still unsatisfactory”

The leaders also talked about bilateral relations and concluded that “the state of (Russian-American) cooperation is still unsatisfactory, which is reflected in particular in the problems faced by the limited (numerically) diplomatic missions of both countries” – emphasized by the Kremlin. Russia, it added, proposed “lifting all restrictions that had accumulated in the operation of diplomatic missions” of both countries. According to Moscow, “this could help to regulate other aspects of bilateral relations.”

According to the communiqué, the Russian president stated that the current state “is a consequence of the policy of the American authorities” which – according to the Kremlin – started “the practice of large-scale restrictions, prohibitions and mass deployment of Russian diplomats” a few years ago.

Biden’s conversation with Putin The White House

The Kremlin said that the talks between the Russian and US presidents “were open and substantive.” He also noted in the press release that Putin and Biden talked about the cooperation of the two countries during World War II. The leaders “stressed that the sacrifices made at that time should not be forgotten, and that the alliance itself should serve as an example in building contacts and cooperation in today’s realities.”

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / SERGEY GUNEEV / SPUTNIK

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