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Friday, December 3, 2021

Russia wants a gigantic penalty for Google

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Russian media and internet regulator Roskomnadzor announced on Tuesday that it will seek to impose a fine on Google of up to 20 percent of its annual turnover in the country, writes Reuters. The reason is that the technology giant does not comply with orders to remove content considered illegal.

Roskomnadzor reported that Google failed to pay 32.5 million rubles (over $ 458,000) in fines imposed this year. The regulator will now demand a fine of 5-20 percent. Google’s turnover in Russia. This amount may be as high as $ 240 million.

Google has not yet responded to the matter.


Russia is punishing tech giants

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In recent months, courts in Russia have been systematically imposing fines on Western internet companies – Twitter, Facebook and Google, judging that they violate the law. It goes, among others for not removing prohibited content and complying with the requirement to locate user data from that country in Russia. Until now, however, the amount of fines has not exceeded 20 million rubles (over 275,000 USD).

Russia has increased pressure on foreign tech companies to gain more control over online content. In March, Roskomnadzor began slowing down the speed of Twitter. The regulator accused the website of “repeated violation of Russian legislation” and announced that the website had not removed more than 2.8 thousand since 2017. materials with prohibited content.

At the end of September Roskomnadzor threatened Facebook with a fine of one-tenth of its profit. Such a penalty is provided for in the regulations for repeated refusal not to remove Internet content prohibited in Russia. Experts estimate Facebook’s annual profit in Russia at 12 billion rubles (around $ 165 million).

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