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Russia wants to change the borders in the Baltic Sea. Finland and Lithuania directly

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Finland's foreign minister said on Wednesday that Moscow must comply with the United Nations convention. This is a reaction to reports that Russia wants to change its borders in the Baltic Sea. Minister Elina Valtonen added that Russia, by trying to change maritime borders on its own, will only “causes confusion“.

He also commented on the matter President of Finland Alexander Stubb. – Finnish authorities are investigating information contained in Russian media about the redefinition of maritime zones in the Gulf of Finland, Stubb said.

The government is monitoring the situation closely. Russia has not contacted Finland on this matter. Finland is behaving as always: calm and based on facts, he added, quoted by Reuters.

Russia issued a decree on borders. Finland and Lithuania directly

Lithuania has already reacted to the Russian plan to change the boundaries of territorial waters in the Baltic Sea. Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis he commented on this topic via social media.

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“Lasts another Russian hybrid operationthis time aimed at sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt about their intentions in the Baltic Sea,” he wrote.

“It is obvious escalation against NATO and the EU and must be met with an appropriately decisive response,” added the Lithuanian minister.

“Such actions by the Russian Federation are perceived as a deliberate, targeted, escalatory provocation aimed at intimidating neighboring countries and their societies. This is another proof that Russia's aggressive and revisionist policy threatens the security of neighboring countries and all of Europe,” we read in the ministry's statement. diplomacy.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced that Russia's representative was summoned to the ministry's headquarters to provide explanations.

Russia. The authorities have new plans. They want to change maritime borders

On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense proposed one-sided revising the boundaries of its territorial waters in the Baltic Sea. Border changes would affect Finland and Lithuania. The decree on this matter was published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As reported by The Kyiv Independent, Russia intends to change geographical coordinates near the islands of Sommers, Tyuters, Gogland or around the northern cape near the state border with Finland.

Russia is also considering the proposed changes increasing its areas near the Curonian Spit on the border with Lithuania.

In a newly created document, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the current coordinates were based on small-scale nautical charts and last century's research. Therefore, “they do not make it possible to determine the external boundary of Russia's internal sea waters.”

As the Russians added in the document, the current borders “do not fully correspond to the current geographical situation“.

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