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Russia wants to revise its borders at sea. Game for the Baltic Sea

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The document appeared on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense. It shows that Russia intends to recognize the part of the waters near Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk in the Koenigsberg Oblast as internal waters. Border adjustments would also include, among others: several islands off the coast of Finland. The exact location of the demarcation was not specified, and no map was attached to the document.

In an official statement Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the 1985 border measurement used nautical maps from the mid-20th century and therefore did not fully correspond to more modern geographic coordinates, Reuters wrote.

Importantly, the changes would be introduced unilaterally and would result in shifting Russia's maritime borders. However, the proposal was quickly removed from the ministry's official website. No explanation was given for the project's removal.

The situation has caused great concern in the north Europe. Russia responded, among others: Lithuanians and Finns, and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that “Russia cannot unilaterally decide on new borders.”

President Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda, however, argued that Russian plans to change the maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland may be part of broader actions.

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“It is possible that this is part of Russia's broader actions against NATO and we are certainly concerned about such news, and even unconfirmed information is also information,” Nauseda told reporters.

Polish military officers agree: This is not a coincidence

How was the Russian move received on the Vistula River? No state authority reacted officially, but retired generals interviewed by Interia also expressed concern. In their opinion, it is difficult to talk about accidental action.

– The information game consists in placing information in space and then observing the reaction. I wouldn't treat it as a technical casebut it is a deliberate action by the Russians to observe whether such a signal is indifferent or whether it is noticed – says Gen. Interia. Mirosław Różańskicurrently a senator of the Republic of Poland.

– You absolutely cannot agree to this – he replies Gen. Waldemar Skrzypek. – International law does not allow this. The fact that the Russians demand a review does not mean that the Finns or the Baltic countries should agree to it, he adds.

– Rather, it is a provocation, looking for a taunt that has no reference to the facts arising from international law. Russians can say what they want, and these countries don't have to respect it. Many could demand correction of the borders with Russia, but no one raises these issues. The Russians are sowing ferment, says General Skrzypczak.

Border revision? Russia's plan may be broader

Gen. Skrzypczak is convinced that “there will be more information of this type.” Gen. Różański – just like the Lithuanian president – does not rule out that the Russian plan is broader and smarter than it may seem to us today.

Russia has a tendency to raise an issue or conflict and then exploit it. The tragedy in Beslan meant that we later had the Chechen war, which ended with Kadyrov as the leader of Chechnya today, who remains a satellite Kremlin – says General Różański. He adds that South Ossetia was used in a similar way in the case of the war with Georgia, or even “little green men” in Ukraine.

– It's similar here. This is a signal sent by the Russians that cannot be downplayed, but considered in terms of an unlikely but possible scenario today. Russia may claim these territories – our interlocutor does not rule it out.

Gen. Różański pays special attention to the Baltic countries. – There is a Russian-speaking minority in each of these countries. Who knows whether the actions of the Russian services will cause some dissatisfaction at some point. There are, of course, many scenarios, and each must be considered, he warns.

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