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Russia, war in Ukraine. The commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was to lose his position

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Among Russian pro-war commentators, there was information about the dismissal of the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Viktor Sokolov. British intelligence assessed this as proof of the success of Ukrainian operations in the Black Sea, which ended with the sinking of a number of Russian ships.

The daily intelligence update reported that on Thursday, February 15, Russian pro-war commentators reported the dismissal of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Viktor Sokolov.

“As was the case with his predecessor Igor Osipov, this is most likely the result of Ukrainian successes in sinking various ships under his command. Sokolov’s command style may also have played a role in his dismissal,” it wrote.

Admiral Viktor Sokolovmil.ru

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As it was added, although it was not confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sokolov’s duties were probably taken over by his current deputy, Vice Admiral Sergei Pinchuk, who will perform them until the end of the internal investigation into the sinking of the landing ship Caesar Kunikov on February 15.

Caesar Kunikov destroyed by drones

On Wednesday, February 14, Ukrainian military intelligence revealed that the Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov was attacked using Magura V5 drones and destroyed. This is another unit of the Black Sea Fleet that has been eliminated over the last two years.

Defense Ministry Ukraine published a recording showing the moment the vessel was hit in the Black Sea near Alupka in the annexed Crimea.

Russian landing ship under fire from Ukrainian dronesReuters/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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