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Russian businessman and spy Artem Uss escaped from house arrest. The US and Italy are looking for him

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Russian entrepreneur Artiom Uss, who was under house arrest in Lombardy awaiting a decision on his extradition to the US, has escaped and his whereabouts are unknown, Italian media write. They note that Uss escaped after an Italian appeals court agreed to transfer him to the United States. Representatives of the American authorities and Italian investigators held a meeting on Tuesday at the prosecutor’s office in Milan regarding the search for the businessman.

USA accuse Artem Uss of, among other things, breaking the embargo by smuggling oil from Venezuela to Russia and Chinabank fraud and the transfer of US military technology to Russia.

The daily La Repubblica writes on Tuesday that Russian secret services may be involved in the escape of a 40-year-old businessman whom he calls a “Russian spy”.

US, Italy are looking for “Russian spy” Artiom Uss. Escaped from house arrest in Lombardy Shutterstock

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The businessman is the son of the governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Alexander Uss. In October last year, he was detained at Milan airport on the basis of an international arrest warrant. He was then placed under house arrest in Basiglio, Lombardy, awaiting the outcome of his extradition request to the US. He disappeared on March 22.

The media point out that Uss escaped after the Italian appeals court agreed to transfer him to the United States. He took off his electronic surveillance bracelet and drove off in the car.

According to the newspaper “La Repubblica” Italy Ussa’s wife had left earlier, with permission.

The wanted person may be using a false identity

The Italian newspaper points out that thanks to his “enormous financial capabilities”, the businessman can use a false identity and have a support network of those who help him escape. This was to be one of the topics of the meeting in the Milan prosecutor’s office.

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The defenders of the businessman have ensured from the beginning that he is innocent. They requested that their client be transferred to Russia. This country is also demanding his extradition. In November, an extradition request was made from Moscow on money laundering charges.

The Cagliaripad portal reported that it is not excluded that Uss is in Sardinia. The carabinieri are looking for him on the island. He is a shareholder in a company that owns one of the hotels there.

Italian media comment that the whole matter is extremely sensitive due to the current geopolitical situation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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